Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lelaki "Eligible" Terakhir???

Kaer Azami

Adam Carruthers

Ashraf Sinclair

Iqram Dinzly

Ashvin Nair

Has anyone read this month’s issue of Cleo magazine and had a chance to glance at the 50 Most Eligible Bachelors?

I think it should be called 50 Most Eligible Boys since some of them looked like they haven’t even reached puberty yet. They’re BOYS not MEN! I mean seriously! Of course they’re bachelors. They’re in their early 20s for heaven sakes!! All they think about is having fun and fooling around.

Kaer the singer is 21 years old, Adam Carruthers the DJ and TV Host is 22 years old, Ashraf Sinclair (are you sure he’s eligible?) the actor is 27 years old, Iqram Dinzly the model/actor (aren’t they all?) is 25 years old and Ashvin Nair (the guy who can’t sing for shite) from last year’s Malaysian Idol is 26 years old.

COME ON! Don’t we have any eligible men in Malaysia who are NOT a singer/actor/model/DJ?
Where are all the good looking eligible men hiding?

Ashraf Muslim

Ben Ibrahim

Ashraf is 25 years old and an Entrepreneur while Ben is 28 years old and he's an HR Analyst. Once in a while you can also see him on Astro Ch. 80 talking about football.

Nazril, 32 years old

There are however some who in my personal opinion looked pretty decent la and not too young i.e. Ashraf Muslim, Ben and Nazril.

So what else are you gurls waiting for. Go and vote for your next Eligible Bachelor!