Friday, March 10, 2006

The little things...

This was one of my favourite dialogues in the movie “Wedding Singer” starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

Julia: May I ask what happened with Linda?
Robbie: She wasn't the right one, I guess.
Julia: Did you have any idea she wasn't the right one when you were together?
Robbie: I should have. Uh, I remember we went to the Grand Canyon one time. We were flying there and I'd never been there before and Linda had, so you would think that she would give me the window seat but she didn't and... not that that's a big deal, you know. It's just there were a lot of little things like that. I know that sounds stupid...
Julia: Not at all. I think it's the little things that count.

We’ve all been in and out of love. When we break-up with the other person we often say, ‘I should have seen it coming” or “I knew the signs were there but I was too blinded by love to see it” or “I knew the relationship was doomed from the very beginning but the sex was really good so…”
  • Is it our fault for putting 100% effort in a relationship but in the end it didn’t turn out like how we had expected it to be?

  • Should the little things count or should we look at the bigger picture?

  • Have women/men nowadays become too sceptical when it comes to love that they feel the need to scrutinise every word or action that comes from the other person?

  • If the signs were there, why did we stay too long in the relationship and risk getting ourselves hurt?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Funny Banana

There’s this colleague of mine. She’s in a different department but we sit close by to each other and she always say that even though she can’t see me at my place she can always tell whether I’m around or not because she claims she can hear my voice all the way from her place which is an absolute rubbish I tell ya. I’m not that loud. Hehehe…

So anyway, we call her Banana. Banana is happily married to an American boy (I say “boy” because I swear he doesn’t look a day above 20!). Banana is one of the funniest women I have ever met. She’s witty and always comes up with funny stories and one-liners that could really crack you up. An asset to have when you’re having a dull day at the office.

Story 1

It was raining cats and dogs one day and Noobs, another colleague of mine who is in the same department with Banana got spooked when she saw lightning and heard thunder at her work station. She then had asked Banana what was the word that we Moslems would say everytime we see lightning (which would be “Astaghfirlahalazim” of course) and Banana with a straight face said, “Whoa?”

That woman is definitely going to Hell. Hahahahahaahahahahaaha…Sorry Banana...

P/s : Banana is Malay btw…hehehehe

Story 2

There were few spots available for senior executive positions and Noobs’ boss had asked her to apply for the position. In a way it’s actually a promotion for Noobs. Noobs had some reservation and was not too keen to apply because she said there’s no way the Management was going to promote her and all. So my dear friend Banana told Noobs to just apply for the position because you'll never know what could happen. Conversation between Noobs and Banana below :-

Banana : Have you applied for the position yet?

Noobs : Haiyoo…Dunnolah can get or not. I don’t wanna get disappointed. Put my hopes up and then tak dapat. Frust jer.

Banana : Iskh budak ni. Just apply and taubat (repent) jer lah.

Noobs : Huh? Taubat? *Looked puzzled*

Banana : Ermm…not taubat issit? I know that word starts with a “t”.

Noobs : Heheheheheheh…U mean TAWAKAL (leave it to fate) issit?

Banana : What? Tawakal?? Cannot be! Isn’t that the name of the hospital? Hospital Tawakal? Is that what the name of the hospital means? How can you name a hospital “Tawakal”? Meaning when people send their sick relatives or family members to the hospital, the doctors and nurses will say, “We won’t do anything, you people can just leave the sick people here and just tawakal that they’ll get well” issit?

Noobs : Haiyooo Banana! *Laughed so hard until tears start to come out. Sher pun gelak gila sampai terguling-guling jatuh kerusi*

That’s our darling Banana for ya!

Monday, March 06, 2006

7 Deadly Sins...

Got tagged by the babelicious Shopper Mom...

Envy:Very High

Discover Your Sins - Click Here

Answer these questions:-

1. Greed - What Luxury item did you last buy?

Would my car, Alfie be considered a luxury item? I know it’s not a Jag or a Lexus but poket koyak jugak!

2. Gluttony - What is your favorite food?

Mashed potatoes at Chillis...yummers…And anything with chicken in it.

3. Wrath - What makes you angry?

  • Drivers who take their own sweet time on the road and drivers who don’t give signals when they wanna cut in plus drivers who dont even have the courtesy to raise their hands when they're cutting queue! GRRRRR!!!
  • People who bumped into you and never even say “I’m sorry” or “Excuse me”…in other words, rude people!
  • Salesperson who follows you around like you're going to steal the clothes or something! Sheesh!
  • People who are tardy!! At least call if you're going to be late.

4. Sloth - When are you at your laziest?

Between 7-7.30 a.m. everyday and on Sundays…oh and also when my mom asked me to help her cook. Super-duper lazy man!

5. Envy - What brings the green-eyed monster in you?

I envy these people but not in a bad way kay…heheh...

  • People who owns beach houses
  • People who eats everything but doesn’t seem to gain any weight at all
  • People who has got such lovely voices...i've always wanted a voice like them opera singers!
  • Angelina Jolie coz she's such a gorgeous woman and a humanitarian at that too! Plus she gets to wake up every morning beside Brad Pitt. What more can you ask for huh?

  • 6. Lust - What / who do you lust after

    Brad Pitt, enuff said!

    7. Pride - What are you most proud of?

    My wonderful family, the boyfriend for being such a gem and the fact that I have so many wonderful friends around me. You know who you
are darlings :-)

Who will be my victims next?
  • Lolyta
  • Sunshine
  • Alex
  • Athena
  • Anaz
  • Izreen
  • Have fun doing it ya'all!