Thursday, July 08, 2010

Waka Waka Eh Eh...

Ok I have to keep the momentum going. Trying to update at least twice a week. Hopefully not "hot hot chicken shit"...hehehehe...
World Cup fever is ending soon. I'm not really a huge football fan so I don't watch all those EPL games but when it comes to World Cup then yeah I'm a fan! I support Brazil and it was heartbreaking when they lost to the Neanderthals. Now Spain and the Neanderthals are in the final. I'm sure you can guess who I will be rooting for. Definitely NOT the Neanderthals. Yes, I'm petty that way. A bit of a sore loser too. Hehehe..So you won't see me rooting for countries who have beaten Brazil. I don't care what people say about Brazil. Defence tak kuat la, everyone depending solely on Kaka la...Who cares? I still have faith in them. They will come back better and stronger in 2014. Hubby said I'm a very scary person when I watch the games especially when Brazil is playing. I turned into a "monster" somehow. LOL! I have to agree with him. What to do? He married a passionate woman so have to deal with it la kan? :P
I've got 4 weddings to attend in July. It's a busy, busy month. A colleague and a friend's sister will be getting married this weekend. Then an ex-colleague is getting married next week. Hubby's futsal buddy is also getting married next week.
Owning a property be it a house or kondo is pretty scary kan? I mean you have to deal with the monthly payments, groceries, utilities, management fees (if you live in a kondo) and furnitures. Hubby and I are seriously thinking about buying a kondo and moving out of my parents' place but thinking about all those expenses is already giving me a headache. But it must be done. If we dont move out now then we will be too comfortable at my parents place and will never move out. It's a pretty big decision I know. But I am excited. I get to decorate the kondo however I want to. And most importantly we have our privacy. I have been living with my parents since like forever. Rasa sedih la jugak if I move out especially when I wont be near my nephew and niece coz they usually sleep at my parents house.
But we've made our decision and we're sticking to it. We're definitely getting our own place and moving out. InsyaAllah all will be well. Pray for us :)

Monday, July 05, 2010

I Am Not A Tin Kosong

You see I'm not the kind of person who likes to "kipas/jilat bontot" my superiors. I let my my work speak for itself. But nowadays, told that's not how people do things anymore. "Tin kosong" is in and "diam-diam berisi" is out.
I've been told that for you to be noticed by the higher powers that be, you need to be more vocal during meetings. You need to speak up and give your views or do like what some people would do i.e. summarise the views of their colleagues and then voice it out confidently like it's their own views. Smart kan? I honestly can't stand these kind of people. You know, people who has opinions about EVERYTHING but not necessarily their own?!
I know a person who rarely socialises with his colleagues outside of work but if he hears that his boss was going to be there then he would turn up just to "show face". I just couldnt be bothered. If I dont feel like socialising after working hours then I wont bother turning up even if my boss was going to be there. But I know for a fact that socialising after office hours does help one's career.
I've been feeling very de-motivated lately. I need to get out of this funk I'm in or else I'm going to sink even deeper. God help me, please.