Monday, June 05, 2006

3 Weddings and .. A very tired Sister...

It’s been a long time since I wrote something about myself in here. I guess it’s easier to write about what’s been happening in other people’s lives but when it comes to your own suddenly it becomes harder to explain.

My brother’s kenduri is this Friday the 9th June. The nikah was last month on the 11th. The kenduri on the girl’s side in Kuantan was 2 weeks ago on the 27th. We have been busy preparing for my brother’s wedding since February this year. Once a month we’ll have a family meeting and my uncle the appointed “secretary” will give us the minute of each meetings. Macam real jer. My dad took these meetings seriously. I even had to cancel my Bangkok trip with my colleagues last month because the date had clashed with the date of the meeting and my dad made a huge fuss about how everyone should be around during the meeting and that I would be “abandoning” the family if I had gone to Bangkok. It was so frustrating because I had paid for the ticket. It was even more frustrating seeing all the nice things my colleagues had brought home from Bangkok. You see my dad had put me in charge of the invitations, seating arrangements and I am also the treasurer. So I would have to do the costing for the wedding and I am not even good in maths! My dad would call me on my mobile in the office and simply blurted,

“Dato so and so and wife kata nak mai. Hang jangan lupa letak nama depa dalam list. Hang jangan lupa tau!”

Sometimes he would call 3 to 4 times and OHMYGOD, it's driving me insane! Even when I told him I am in a meeting he would still ask me to jot down the names of the people who rsvp-ed and when I got home he would asked for the list just to see whether I have put the names in. See, my dad was a police officer and was used to giving orders to his subordinates and sometimes I think he forgot that I am his daughter and not one of his subordinates.

After the kenduri this Friday, life will be normal again for a month or two. Then it will be hectic again because another family meeting will be held to discuss my pending engagement and my wedding. Thank god all my younger brothers are married. So after my wedding there will be no more weddings to plan! Don't get me wrong, I love my brothers. But planning 3 weddings is a lot of hard work.

Sigh…I am already having headaches thinking of the barang-barang hantaran. What to give and how much everything will cost me. Plus thinking about the venue (the boyfriend’s kenduri in Kuching), the dates (preferably school holidays and mesti masa bulan tengah naik, whatever that means) and everything else! My mom wanted to have my kenduri at the hotel because she said she doesn’t want to think about finding a caterer and all the nitty gritty stuff because the hotel would take care of everything. I would rather have it at a big hall that can fit 600-700 people because my friends alone would be about 300-400! If I have it at the hotel then I would have to select which one of my friends I should invite and I hate the thought of doing that!

It’s my wedding and I should get to pick who I am inviting, shouldn’t I?
Anyway, SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU, BOB :-) U can be a pain sometimes but I love you nevertheless...