Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Break-Up

“It's not about doing the things you love, it's about doing things with the one you love!”

That’s what Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) said to Gary (Vince Vaughn) in the movie “The Break-Up”. We’ve all been there. Doing something we don’t really enjoy doing but we still did it anyway because it is something that our significant other loves.

Things like watching his favourite football team playing on the television together with him (even though you are not really crazy about watching 22 grown up men kicking and chasing after one ball or you don’t really fancy the team of his choice) or accompanying her to the hospital to visit her friend who had just given birth.

Why do we do it? The answer is simple. Because we want to be a supportive partner in the relationship. We want to do anything to make our partner happy. That’s what being in a relationship is all about. It’s about making a commitment and sticking to it. It’s about compromising, learning how to give and take and most importantly it’s about learning to live with each other’s idiosyncrasies. That is why you need to watch that game with him to see how he will react when his team looses the game i.e. whether he would sulk and refuse to talk to you the whole night or he would just shrug it off and say “oh well, it wasn’t their night. Life goes on. Let’s watch a midnight movie now”.

That is also why you men need to know when your gf/wife would be having her menses so that you can be more careful and sensitive to her feelings as that is the time when she is most sensitive and moody.

There was one part in the movie where after dinner, Brooke and Gary got into a fight about Gary’s desire or lack of it to do the dishes. Brooke got upset because Gary didn’t want to offer to do the dishes but instead only wanted to do it because Brooke had asked him to do it.

She said something like, “I want you to do the dishes because you want to do it, not because I had asked you to do it”.

Some may think it is a trivial matter but I bet you if you had asked some of the married women who had faced this kind of argument before then you would know it is not as trivial as it can escalate to something even more serious.

Women want to be romanced and appreciated when they do something special for their bf/husb. When she cooks your favourite dish after coming back from work, the least you could do was say “thank you”. You don’t need to buy her flowers everyday to show her your appreciation (once a year on her birthday will do just fine). We can’t be telling you all the time we want you to say “thank you” now, do we? I know we can’t expect you to read out minds but how hard is it to show your appreciation to someone you love for doing something nice for you. I know a friend of mine who sends flowers to his wife every month with a simple note that says, “Happy January”, “Happy February”, so on and so forth. She is of course envied by all the women at her office.

There is nothing spectacular about the movie “The Break-Up”. But as you are watching the movie, you will be reminded of every single fights you ever had with your partner, it is all so dejavu-ish and surreal. Exchange of words like,

“How come we always do what you wanna do and never do what I wanna do?” or

“Why can’t you just tell me this to my face instead of expecting me to read your mind?” or

“I am tired of being the only one who is trying to work things out in this relationship” or

“I just want you to say “thank you”. Is that too much to ask?”

I think every couple should watch the movie. Or rather anyone who has ever been in or out of love should watch this movie. At least you would have a general idea on how Aniston must have suffered when Brad Pitt left her for Jolie and broke her heart to pieces.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 pussy, pussy, pussycat dolls!

I started going for concerts when I started working. You know the drill. Make your own money then you can spend on whatever you want sorta thing. My first concert was Bon Jovi’s (though I don’t think I paid for this. Think FAMA paid for my ticket. Hehehe). Aaahhh…those were the days. Back then, Bon Jovi was a kewl band! They had really great songs and I had a huge crush on Jon Bon Jovi.

So anyway, I was on lying on my bed last night, wide awake at 1.30 a.m., humming to the song “Fix You” by Coldplay when I decided to rummage through stuff I had kept over the years particularly concert ticket stubs. I think I have been to more than 10 concerts in my lifetime and the best one so far is of course Coldplay. Second on the list would be Sting. He’s such a hottie even though he’s ancient. LOL!

Think Alanis came to Malaysia in 1999. I thoroughtly enjoyed her concert. Whatever you may say about Alanis (she looked like a horse), I think she's a brilliant songwriter and a good singer. Plus she was engaged to Ryan Reynolds. Enuff said!! Her 1st album was so full of angst! If you ever break up with a guy and you wanna get your spirit up then you should listen to "You Oughta Know". And who could forget "Ironic"? That song defines how one look at life. The lyrics, "It's meeting the man of my dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife". Who hasn't been there?? And another favourite song of mine is "Hand Over Feet". From this song I learned what "Best Friend with Benefits" really means.

Aaahhh Jewel...sweet adorable angelic Jewel. She also came to Malaysia for a concert in 1999. She mesmerized us with songs like "You Were Meant For Me" and "Foolish Games". When she strummed her guitar while she singing "Pieces of You" which incidently contained some errmmm rather not so politically-correct words like "faggot", she actually apologised and said that she didnt mean to offend anyone by singing that song. The lady has got class.

Who can ever forget Hoobastank's hit song "The Reason"? Plus the lead vocallist Doug Rob is kinda cute too! Heheh...

Another great band. INCUBUS. Came to Malaysia in 2005. Brandon Boyd is hot without his shirt on. HOT I tell you! Love the "Morning View" album!

Another show which I enjoyed myself immensely. The Riverdance. They were here in 2005. Love the dances, the songs, the costumes! I love Celtic music.

Aaaaahhhh Sting...Mr. Gordon Sumner. Mr. "you-can-sting-me-anytime" Sumner. My favourite song is "Fields of Gold". Love the part when he sang, "I never made promises lightly...And there have been some that I've broken...But I swear in the days still left...We'll walk in the fields of gold". My friend, Mrs. Jacque has a huge crush on Sting and I dont blame her. He is in fact no. 2 (no. 1 was her husb...awww...) on the list of men she would die for.

Sebenarnyer, konsert ni best tengok if pegi ramai2 with friends. I mean no point shouting, "I LOVE YOU CHRIS MARTIN!" or "I LOVE YOU STING!" alone. Cam bodo jer jerit sorang2.

I am sooooooooo looking forward to see Pussycat Dolls in concert at Sunway Lagoon this 26th July and INXS (only because of JD Fortune) on 16th Aug.
Before I die (drama skit), I would like to see these ppl in concert :-
  • U2
  • Madonna
  • Boyz II Men (though I think it's highly unlikely)
  • Il Divo (for obvious reasons...hehehe)
  • Destiny's Child (Also highly unlikely since they've broken up)

    WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN CONCERT? Don't say William Hung!!!