Friday, April 21, 2006

Women Warriors

I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that Sydney Bristow was fighting Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Before I woke up I remembered that Sydney was kicking Buffy’s ass and Buffy was bleeding all over the place. Like eh? Poor Buffy. I think maybe because I had watched an episode of Buffy last night (the one in Season 4 where everyone had lost their voices and had to sign-language with each other. That was one cool episode!) and that is why I’m having the ass-kicking dream. It still doesn’t explain how Sydney had come into the picture though. Oh well, it doesn't matter coz in my dream, Sydney was sizzlin' hot.

Sydney Bristow
Buffy Summers
Then I went to the office and read The Star newspaper today, there was an article on women warriors and TV star face-offs. Like WHOA!! Dejavu. The article was on how Buffy and Sydney would fare if they fight against each other. The writer has her money on Buffy but she said she can’t really come to a conclusive answer since Sydney’s mother will probably interfere and shoot Sydney before the fight is over. Hehehe…

I wonder who would win if Buffy were to fight Sydney. Buffy grew up kicking vampires’ and other demons’ butts! She was fighting non-human entities while Sydney on the other hand uses guns and that long leg of hers to kick ass. Plus Sydney’s enemies are all humans. So Buffy has a tougher job than Sydney, dontcha think?
But what if Buffy were to fight Selene from Underworld? Would Buffy win? That Selene chick can sure kick ass too!


And I also wonder who would win if Aeonflux were to fight Ultraviolet? No doubt Charlize Theron is way hotter than Milla Jovovich but Milla has been in more action movies than Charlize. So it all comes down to the outfit. Aeonflux wins hands down I think. She looked so hot in that black leather outfit.



There was also an article by this guy named Zack Yusof who said that filmmakers should bring back the damsel in distress . Blergh. He said that women are no longer victims and sometimes are even superior to their male counterparts (what is wrong with that?). He further said, in action flicks, women can be spied jumping, kicking, punching and maiming just as effectively as the men and what's more, they manage to look incredible whilst bringing the pain and destruction (you got that right buddy!).
I guess movie-goers nowadays (men especially) would rather see a women kick ass in a leather outfit like Aeonflux than in a skirt like Lois Lane.
Whatever it is, Cosmic_GurL can kick all the above asses without even breaking into a sweat! Muahahahahahahhahahahahahaha!

Have a good weekend everyone!
p/s : CikPijah, jadik ke tidak mengkopi this weekend?