Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Don’t you just hate people with holier than thou attitude? I was at the mosque near my house for tarawikh prayers last night and there was this Makcik sitting next to me. I think we just finished the 4th rakaat and about to go into the 5th. This Makcik stood up and started pointing her fingers to this little girl who was not praying (she looked like she was about 5 or 6 years old), sitting next to I believe was her mother (about 4 rows in front of us) and this rude Makcik started shouting,

“Hello! Hello! Kalau tak sembahyang mana boleh duduk dalam saf. Duduk kat tepi!”

She was literally shouting okay! And she kept on shouting until the little girl moved. Macam tu ke tegur budak? Main jerit “Hello! Hello!” jer? It was sooo bloody rude. I was so angry but kept my cool because the Imam had started on the 5th rakaat already. In my heart I was thinking if the little girl hadn’t moved I’m going to tell this Makcik to behave herself and cakap elok2 to the little girl. Tegur perangai buruk Makcik ni, biar dia pulak yang malu. Geram betul. After being shouted at, the little girl actually moved to the side.

Sumpah tak khusyuk aku sembahyang pasal Makcik kurang ajar ni. Why couldn’t she just go to the front and nicely and quietly tegur the little girl? Why must she embarrass the little girl together with her mother??? Seriously I don’t understand some people. Do they derive pleasure from embarrassing other people in public? Dahlah bulan puasa, supposed to be bulan you banyak sabar and cakap benda elok-elok jer. Ni tak! What do you get from doing that? Konon menegakkan Islam la. Sheesh! Yang hairannya, she was sitting 4 rows at the back from where the girl was sitting tapi mata macam helang dapat jer tengok other people’s mistake.

You can’t stop people especially mothers from coming to the mosque and bringing their kids. I understand that even mothers too nak buat pahala and amik berkat sembahyang tarawikh kat masjid during Ramadhan. It can be annoying when the kids cry especially small children crying non-stop when you’re performing your prayers but sabar jer lah. Ni kan dugaan. Mana tahu next time anak you pulak yang melalak. Not everyone has a maid they can leave their kids with.

Iskh. First day of tarawikh dah menduga kesabaran. Hopefully, I don’t get to sit with people like this in the future. Would like to have a peaceful tarawikh.

Monday, August 09, 2010

A Good & Relaxing Weekend

I love Redang Island. Went for a holiday with hubby and 3 of my good friends together with their hubbies 2 weeks ago. I love Redang because the boat ride to the island doesnt take as long as the boat ride to Tioman. Some pictures taken by my friend's hubby below. The island is as beautiful as the pics taken. MasyaAllah.



We stayed at the Redang Holiday Beach Villa for 3D2N. We got a nice spacious room with 2 twin beds. I dont know why on earth they gave us 2 twin beds but we were not complaining. The snorkelling trips were good especially at the Marine Park. Oh and I saw a baby shark while snorkelling near our resort! That was cool. But I have to say the fishies in redang were not as colourful as the ones in tioman.

Last weekend hubby, myself and a friend went to see Cuci The Musical 2. Ive watched the first one and somehow thought the 1st one was better (my personal opinion). Nabil was hilarious but somehow there was no chemistry between him and the other 3, unlike AC Mizal. I guess if you havent seen the first one you'd still like the 2nd one coz both Cuci 1 and 2 were damn funny and I was laughing throughout the whole 4 hours of Cuci 2! I love the ad-libs and I thought the ad-libs made the whole show funny. Jaclyn Victor was good but she was nowhere in comparison with Adibah Noor. Now THAT woman has presence. But for a first timer, I thought both Nabil n Jac did good. However, I dont think they should make the show sooo long. Sitting in the very hard chair for 4 hours is no fun, especially when you're not allowed to drink! Overall I thought Hans, Harith Iskander and the whole Cuci 2 team did a good job.