Monday, February 23, 2009

Express Thyself

I once wrote that blogging should be about free expression, not good impression.
However, I am not sure whether that is true anymore. Sometimes when people are given the freedom to express themselves they tend to go overboard. They don’t care what kind of impression they’re giving or message they’re sending, as long as it’s out there for the whole world to read, they’re content with it.

I admit ever since I came across PiahZadora’s blog a few months back, I’ve been a silent reader. And sometimes I find that the comments made were even more entertaining than what Piah had written. However, of late I wonder whether some of the people who commented on PiahZadora’s blog have feelings. I mean if you can joke about a person’s inability to conceive or the fact that a person has hives and in pain then you’re the kind of person that has no compassion or mercy for other people.

Now I understand why some bloggers have made their blogs "private"... Sigh…