Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Of a Tag and Charity

I was tagged by Guile and it is long overdue. Sorry Dear. But here goes…
5 Things In My Handbag
  • Hand-pressing flash light
    Went for buka puasa at Mohsin in Tmn Tun last night (my god! I forgot how delicious roti taj mahal and mumtaj taste like) with few old friends. 10 mins before buka, this salesguy came to our table wanting to sell flashlights. We were about to wave our hands to say that we don’t want any when Fareen asked how much it cost. U know la these salespeople. Once you asked how much then they’ll never leave the table. The guy said it was RM10 per piece. Fareen haggled (seriously) and told the guy he wants it for RM9 coz he can get it around that price somewhere else. The guy agreed and all of us ended up buying 1. Fareen bought 2. I don’t how what he’s gonna do with 2 flashlights. The flashlight is pretty cool though. Can keep it in the car for emergency I guess. Plus I don’t need to buy any batteries. I wonder how long it can last. I wonder why I still have it in my handbag instead of putting it in my car’s glove compartment. Iskh! Have to springclean my handbag soon.
  • MAC Studio Fix Compact Powder Case, 2 lip liners, 1 lipstick, 1 lipbalm (Body Shop Born Lippy Watermelon…I love the smell!)
  • One (1 ) pocket pack of wet tissue and 2 pocket packs of face tissue (I’m the designated tissue carrier for my husband and friends)
  • House & car keys (My spares are at home)
  • My wallet and mobile phone

5 Things In My Wallet
  • Malaysian Identity Card & Driver’s License
  • JAIS Kad Perakuan Nikah
  • Jusco Card (Did you know you can get discount at Coca Restaurant if you show them this card? Jusco has come a long way…heheh), Metrojaya Card, Isetan Card, Bonus Link Card (I’m not a shopaholic but I just like having those cards around. Yes, I’m weird that way)
  • Times Bookstore card, MPH card, Memory Lane card (Hey! Don’t laugh kay. I get 10% discount on every card I buy) and BHP Petrol card (Useful coz I never buy umbrellas. I would redeem the points and get meself a free umbrella..ella ella eh eh eh…)
  • TrueFitness membership card (which is dusty coz I haven’t been using it for few months now)

5 Favourite Items In My Bedroom

  • My husband
  • My bolster (NO. Sadly my husband is not my bolster although I would like him to be sometimes. That man is ticklish. Pegang skit dah menjerit, melompat tergedik-gedik. Hmmpphhh!)
  • My DVD collection. If I do decide to open a dvd rental store, I bet you I can easily make money (Pijah, dah abis tengok Entourage Season 1 & 2?)
  • My Queen Sized Bed together with my Cute Kitty bedsheet. (Hehehe..too bad hubby has to sleep on those. He has no say whatsoever)
  • My Laptop

5 Things I Wish To Do

  • Get Pregnant
  • Beat my colleagues at Scrabulous on Facebook.
  • Get Pregnant
  • Go for my honeymoon (Sigh…really wanna do this)
  • To travel all around the world and shop without thinking about money

5 Things That I Am Doing Now

  • This tag. I’ve work but I’m just so lazy to do any today. Not good right?
  • Trying to think of a word that will make me score lotsa points in Scrabulous.
  • Trying to think of a way how to drink my Milo in the office without being seen by my colleagues (Cuti la so tak posa today...hik hik hik)
  • Browsing the internet and looking for places to go for my honeymoon.
  • Trying to finish this one memo to my Chairman before end of the week.

People I Would Like To Tag (take your time ya…hehehe..)

  1. Daddy and Mummy (Yus)
  2. Miss Camy
  3. Trueblue
  4. Theta

p/s : Oh yeah, this Saturday the 29th Sept around 10am, few friends and I are going to an orphanage called Asrama Penyayang Nur Iman in Gombak (ranges from babies to schooling ones). We're dropping off groceries and clothes. If you guys wanna donate some groceries (things like rice, Milo, condensed milk, biscuits etc) then please get in touch with me by Friday night. You can email me at for further inquiries.