Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Y'ALL!

I will be going for a long Raya break and will be too busy stuffing myself with food (my grandma makes the best rendang...i bet you EVERYONE will say the same thing...hehehe) and watching lotsa crappy e.g. Gerak Khas The Movie or Cinta Mesin Basuh or was it Cinta Fotostat (who cares) and not so crappy (ader ke yang not so crappy?) malay movies like... (oh crap cant think of any! oh wait! those Mamat Khalid's raya movies are not so bad)...Aaahhh Bliss! Makan and watch tv, then makan, then watch tv..Pure Bliss!

I look forward to hari raya every year. This is the time where all my aunts and uncles and not forgetting over 60 cousins (I kid you not! After raya I usually pokai giler) will get together under one roof and the happiest of course would be the kids because they will be getting duit raya. Usually my mom's side yang paling meriah coz my grandparents have 11 children so it's not surprising la that I have over 60 cousins. On the 2nd day of raya my uncle will buat open house and we'll have a "sports day" where there will be events like makan buah epal, tarik tali, tiup gula2 dalam tepung, bawak bola ping-pong etc. It's more for the kids actually. Sapa menang dapat hadiah hamper. As usual yang jadi event coordinator is none other than Yours truly la kan. I'll have to make sure all 60 kids took part in the event and all of them dapat hadiah. Each and every ONE dapat hadiah, mind you. It's a stressful job because u do not want to get in a middle of a fight on who got a bigger or better presents or answer questions like "apesal faiz dapat coklat cadbury tapi syamil dapat lolipop jer? Tak Aci la macam ni!!!" then wails for 30 mins non-stop.

After the game, the kids will usually take a nap (tu pun kena paksa) then at night they will perform some nasyid songs or songs from boyband/girlband (siap ada dance routine lagi kay! hahaha), lepas tu lawan sapa lagi terer. I tell you, masa I kecik2 mana ader semua ni.

Then on the 3rd day we'll go to Penang and visit all my granduncles/grandaunties and then at night pegi makan kat Padang Kota. Oooouuuhh! I have to get them cheap dvds this year at Feringhi. I already know what to buy. Full season of FRIENDS and Sex and The City!!
This year will be my last raya as a singleton. Come next raya it will be Mr. TheBoyfriend and Mrs. Cosmic raya together-gether. Somehow I feel sad coz I know I wont be able to celebrate Hari Raya with my family every year after that...sniff sniff...I always tell myself that i am going to cari anak yatim piatu as a husband coz then he has no kampung to go back to and every year I dont have to worry where we should beraya. Oh well, you dont choose who you fall in love with I suppose. Punyalah tak nak yang outside KL/PJ, sekali dapat East Msia terus. Amik ko!! Theboyfriend tells me that raya in Sarawak is very meriah. You can just go to a stranger's house and they will serve you food and drink, no question asked. Errmm..I dont think ill do that la i do look forward to experiencing Raya there but at the same time im scared that I would cry non-stop in my room coz i miss my family so much and i just hope my husband understands and not make fun of me.
So dear friends/bloggers, I wish you all Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin, if my writing ader ter-offend anyone or lawak2 I mengguris hati insan-insan kerdil spt Superdzu (sbb I seronok kutuk minah ketot nih...muahahaha..ooppss, see there I go again. Sorry Dzu darling!).
Usually every year I buat open house but tengoklah budget ader ke tak this year, u know with the wedding and all...If I buat i'll invite you guys kay...