Friday, October 17, 2008

Horatio Caine...the man we all love to hate

1) Only a man like Horatio Caine could defeat a group of Mala Noche Gang Members in Brazil all by himself and then flew to Miami and arrived fresh and relaxed at the same time.

2) No one can do a one-liner better than Horatio Caine, with style too I might add.

Alexx : What I'm saying is I'm not an anthropologist. It could be a large woman or a small man.
Horatio : You know what they say "You lie down with the Devil (paused and then puts on his sunglasses), you wake up in Hell".

Suspect: Can I go now?
Horatio: Let me see how should I put this... No!

Det. Frank Tripp : It’s not looking too good Horatio.
Horatio : On the contrary (paused and then puts on his sunglasses), we are going to find her.

Det. Frank : They call it speed dating. Our victim has 15 dates.
Horatio : Well you know what the say Frank (paused and then puts on his sunglasses),
speed kills.

Alexx : He died hours before this accident ever happe.
Horatio : So an accident (paused and then puts on his sunglasses), is not an accident at all.

Delko : He might be trying to get our attention.
Horatio : I don’t know (paused and then puts on his sunglasses), but he just got mine.

3) No one puts the sunglasses on better than Horatio, right on cue as well.

I cannot stand Horatio Caine because he is so perasan bagus!!!!!!!! Arrgghhhhh! Rasa macam nak take his sunglasses and then pijak-pijak and buang dalam gaung. And what's with the posing senget every single time?????
Sigh...Horatio, Horatio...what are we going to do with you?