Friday, October 17, 2008

Horatio Caine...the man we all love to hate

1) Only a man like Horatio Caine could defeat a group of Mala Noche Gang Members in Brazil all by himself and then flew to Miami and arrived fresh and relaxed at the same time.

2) No one can do a one-liner better than Horatio Caine, with style too I might add.

Alexx : What I'm saying is I'm not an anthropologist. It could be a large woman or a small man.
Horatio : You know what they say "You lie down with the Devil (paused and then puts on his sunglasses), you wake up in Hell".

Suspect: Can I go now?
Horatio: Let me see how should I put this... No!

Det. Frank Tripp : It’s not looking too good Horatio.
Horatio : On the contrary (paused and then puts on his sunglasses), we are going to find her.

Det. Frank : They call it speed dating. Our victim has 15 dates.
Horatio : Well you know what the say Frank (paused and then puts on his sunglasses),
speed kills.

Alexx : He died hours before this accident ever happe.
Horatio : So an accident (paused and then puts on his sunglasses), is not an accident at all.

Delko : He might be trying to get our attention.
Horatio : I don’t know (paused and then puts on his sunglasses), but he just got mine.

3) No one puts the sunglasses on better than Horatio, right on cue as well.

I cannot stand Horatio Caine because he is so perasan bagus!!!!!!!! Arrgghhhhh! Rasa macam nak take his sunglasses and then pijak-pijak and buang dalam gaung. And what's with the posing senget every single time?????
Sigh...Horatio, Horatio...what are we going to do with you?


j or ji said...

hahahahha..lawak gilas! i pun sangat2 benci dgn mamat perasan niiii! buat i jadi benci dengan semua siri CSI..asik terbayang kehebatannya..ayat2 bagus dia tu!

ingat i sorang aje yg benci dia..mesti ramai lagi ni.

Theta said...

Welcome to I hate Horatio Caine club! :)
I share your strong dislike for the man.
He must always have that 'Arms Akimbo' pose. Will that make him more intelligent or something?

And those one-liners are kinda obvious. (Fire the scriptwriter!) Why does he say them anyway? He makes me generalise about people coming from Miami.

But apparently, people from Europe like CSI Miami the best. Go figure.

Ms B said...

Unfortunately CG, I am one of those people who like him. *LOL* But more towards bottom list, since i have dempsey, dane, boreanaz, bloom etc. *rotfl*

Perasan bagus pun, takpe lah. he he he...

Desparil said...

mr poser.. ptuiii..

and to think they're getting rid of grissom *sobs* instead of this bugger!


kruel said...

Horatio stole the side posing look from a friend you and I know. Should sue him for copyright infringement, LOL

maszuzu said...

hmmm...nak kata benci tak jugak..i felt he carried it well. I like all the csi's big bosses i.e grissom and also mac taylor. kesimpulannya i suker la csi...hehehe...

u know wht they say, if u hate or can't stand an actor there's only 2 possibility..either he's good or freaking bad actor.

Anonymous said...


I think the dude is cool.

I am more attracted to eva la rue and emily procter in csi miami hehehe


Azhaezah said...

the effort that u took to come up with this posting... hmmm, mcm suka kat dia je... i imagine sure u google or pause-n-play dvd csi, kan kan kan... akekeke... gurau2 dipagi sabtu... anyway, thanks for coming and sorry la x dpt nak entertain u. next time hire caterer la. x dpt nak sembang ngan kenkawan.

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...


so true okay !

tak tahan.. macam bagus !

darlene said...

oww! i thought i'm the only one... lol.

love warrick (so sad now that he's gone), mac taylor (super smart) and DON FLACK (SUPER HOT!!)

p/s hi cosmic_gurl, am darlene--found your blog from msB's. would love to read more from you.

Anonymous said...

he's the worst actor in tv land!!

tu la ... what's up with the sunglasses??!! mesti dia hangat pijau tak leh buat one-liners kalau sunglasses takde ....

Sarclover said...


Mac's the man... Gary Sinise is like sooo frikkin cool... he is cute too.. tak la hero tamil like Horatio... I think CSI NY cool la...

Lynn said...

Gosh I can't stand him too. BUT I confess I love his red hair though....

D.N.A.S said...

he's so loved by the Middle Eastern viewers. Go figure!

katakbesar said...

yep, because of him
me hate to watch csi miami

it's like watching an Gerak Khas
i.e. apsal la dia sorang
(or the same team/gang)
yang buat segala bende (tangkap orang, siasat, uji makmal)

long live Grissom!

vedd said...

I think that is why I don't watch CSI Miami hehe... Hero tua berdarah muda :D

The Pisces Man said...

The Horatio character is the reason why I don't watch CSI Miami... The Vegas and NY ones are better in terms of characters and story wise as well...

I heard Horatio's constant 'sengetness' pose is due to him half deaf. Is that true?

Guess his constant 'putting on sunglasses' is due to him being half-blind? Hahahaa

Valisa said...

I don't get it... if you tak suke whylah you post his pix dengan penuh perasaan??? :P :P :P I can't stand him and I don't watch CSI - used to watch the original but dropped it in season 3

toughcookie said...

haha!! i share your thots. i too can't stand him especially when he always seem to have the last word.

tapi my hubby suka sangat. says that only horatio is the most bold and daring...

Monster Mom said...

Did you see how Jim Carey impersonate Horatio? Cool sis!!

Imagine if Horatio is in Hindustan movie.... before putting on his sunglasses, he'll sure gelek/goyang his kepala.... and then say.. Amma!!!
The best part is, they'll replace the Yeahhh music....
Simply amazing!!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Jorji - Jgnla camtu..sebab nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga...ehehehe..Grissom cool aper :P

theta - I cant stand the one-liners too but if he doesnt say them then it's not Horatio Caine! Hehehe..

MsB - U like HC??? Seriously??? Hahaha...I guess diff people have got diff taste huh?

Des - I hear you! I prefer Griss anytime man!

kruel - Hahahaha..yes! I know which friend ure talking abt..nasib baik Horatio tak pakai baju 2 kaler!

mas - sometimes itu HC ada over skit la doubt he is a good actor...Siap ader "I hate Horation Caine Club" lagi I guess his acting really works!

RDB - He's cool? Hahaha...u sure ah? None of the CSI chicks are hot la..semua pun very serious looking!

Ezah - Sbb tak sukalah kena put extra effort..nak tengok who else menyampah kat dia..hehehe..
Eh no worries abt the bday party, we all understand :)

CPMS - And David Caruso knows tht ppl cant stand HC! Hehehe

darlene - Hello and welcome :)
I watched the 1st epi of CSI Season 9 (sans Warwick) sad :(

Anon - I rasa cam nak patah2kan his sun glasses everytime!

Sarc - Hahaha..ure in love with his side-posing arent u? :P

lynn - u only love his hair? Hahaha...his sun glasses tak suka?

Cosmic_GurL said...

DNAS - Why ah? Maybe they find him and his sunglasses cool kot *gag*

KB - Eh i think Horatio baru this season masuk lab..sblm ni dia cuma tau posing dlm interrogation room or crime scene jer...hehehe

vedd - Hero perasan muda u mean? :P Rugilah tak tengok..some of the cases are quite interesting..cuma u kena tahan dgn Horatio punya aksi2 perasan dia jer lah

TPM - Horatio Caine is half-deaf?? Dunno abt tht..sat i check wikipedia..hahaha...

Valisa - Sbb nak tunjuk kat u all betapa perasan macho nyer si Horatio Caine ni :P

TC - I think your hubby is fascinated with Horatio coz Only Horatio blh lawan a gang of org jahat and could still look relax and calm... Hehehe..penipu sungguh!

MM - Hahahaha..yeah tht was freakin' hilarious! U should also check out on youtube the other cast members of CSI Miami impersonating Horatio Caine...lawak giler!

kawaii_desu said...

i must say ramainya org benci dia haha

but CG sorry to say i just love to his style hahah

well what to do la kan

9 said...

horatio rawks.

when i grow up.... (puts on sunglasses).....

....i want to be just like him!

1309 said...

OMG..i also very very hate him one, my hubby LOVES CSI so i do watch the series with him but when it comes to Miami, i just cringed everytime this perasan guy opens his mouth or do something with his sunglasses or showing his side profile..prefer Mac Taylor from new york, cool jer and smart too plus handsome mah...

Raging4You said...

LOL I love reading all the people here who cry about them hating Horatio. Put it this way: He created a character that is beloved worldwide, he's out there in Hollywood making millions of dollars off this character... what did you do yesterday? Besides crying? Yeah, go get jobs yourself and stop your wimping! Go Horatio!!!!!