Tuesday, October 10, 2006

African Princess? Moi? I don't think so!

I have this thing with African men. No wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right. African men have a thing for me. That doesn’t sound right either. Let me start over.

I have been a member of Friendster since 2004. That’s where I met theboyfriend. Apart from that I have been receiving tons of messages from African men. Some were lewd, some were weird and some I don’t even understand what the person was trying to say. Whenever I get these messages I would forward them to my fellow colleagues and we would have a laugh and they would tease me mercilessly about how only African men are attracted to me. Like hello???!! I don’t send out vibes that shout, “Oh please marry me and take me into your tribe and let me give birth to 15 children!”

I posted my picture but dammit I don’t look like an African Princess so I don’t know what the attraction is! Below are some of the messages that I had received. It’s only Tuesday (time is craaaaaaaawling). I figure u folks could use a good laugh.

1st message

hi XXXX. my name hany hafes. i from Egypt but now i stay in malaysia in kl . saya boleh cakap maly umor saya 30 tahun saya suka jadi kawan dengan u. saya lagi see u cantik tapi saya nak ask u u have boyfriend or not. kalua ada saya loss good girll. and i think we became kawan. my phone XXX-XXXXXXX

2nd message (Don’t play play...Prince some more! Hahahaha)

Compliments of the day, well i am Prince Micheal , a black race from America, now working in Malaysia, i am 31 yrs old, when i was conducting a search on some profiles here, i did noticed some different on 'ur profile so thats why i have to admire u so much, i am seeking for a serious relationship even marriage, but i have to make sure i choose the right time for it thats why i am here, well i will be very glad if we will know each other more , right now, i will like u to know one thing in Life, age does not matter in any serious relationship as for me, i don't mind about age, all i am after is good heart, well if u know that u are interested with me, and u will be honest and good to me, pls do not hesitate to contact me immediately via my private email address, XXX@yahoo.com or XXX@hotmail.com. Private mobile # XXX-XXXXXXX and pls this number is for u alone and do not joke over it thanks.
(Yeah rite! No joke indeed. Hahaha)

3rd message (Another Prince! They keep on coming I tell ya!)

Hello! How are you i am prince Sona.i am presently staying Malaysia, in the city of Ampang but i am a black america.I am black in complexion of about 5 .7 inches.I will like to know well, may be we can really workout a solid relationship. I saw you profile and i got interested in knowing you and also to be your soulmate. you can contact me on yahoo id which is XXX@yahoo.com or also on telephone, my number is XXX-XXXXXXX. Hope to hear from you back, thanks. Prince Sona

4th message

What a beautiful picture u have here, I believe that the life we all are living is so short that we need serious attentions from the opposite sex, That is to say, My life is full of love and i'm looking for someone to share it with. I hope you will also believe with me that AGE ia all about numbers and figures and it gat nothing to do with love and friendship. if you will agree with me, the strong fundation of any relationship is based on trust and mutual understanding between the two partiesinvolved. Let me enlighting you a little more about myself. my name is EBY, and i'm from Africa. i'm 6"3 tall with black hair and brown eyes. yeah least I forget i'm 28years old don't mind the age that is in my profile my friend put it there. i'm single, never marry before. i believe in living life to its fullness and by sharing my joy and pains with that queen that is lacking in my kingdom, who will understand me, whom i'll treat like a queen.

I'm intelligent, easy going,open minded and above all i have sense of humour. if all i have said about myself is what u are looking for, my dear don't fall to drop me a note,so that we will start from there. my e-mail contact is XXX@yahoo.com. hoping to hear from u soon. i promise u, u'll not regret it. i'm in KL to and this is my number XXX-XXXXXXX


5th Message

i'm happy when i discovered u in one of the website of friendster and i saw ur pic,it was nice and beautiful to me,it made me have interest with u,therefore,i have the privilige and honour to ask that i'm feeling towards u .actually,i'm pat by name originally from africa.presently,in malaysia ok i'm looking for a decent lady to be my friend and as well,to have a good relationships with her definiately,i'm so glad to ur pic also i will be happy for us to know each other as one etc.so how ar u today?may i know u as well. thanks this is my email address XXX@yahoo.com

These are only a handful of messages that I have received since 2005. There are funnier and weirder ones like this Namibian guy who told me he has a lot of money and when I didn’t reply his message he wrote, “I now know money is not everything and that you are not looking for men with money”. Like WHAT THE FUDGE??? LOL!