Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Very First Birthday!!!

Can't believe it's been a year already since I started blogging. Time flies fast when you're having fun eh? I never thought I could last this long. Face it, I am not a good writer. I don't write as funny and interesting blog as Leen Ash Burn (whom by the way I have met and think she is the most lovable gurl who has a voice of an angel) or Pseudo (yeah, I am one of your reader who doesn't leave any comments).
I have met a lot of cool, crazy bunch of people from the blogland.
There's the cute CikPijah, adorable but crazy Superdzu, Miz Da Bomb PMS, Lil' Miz Tie.na, Gorgeous AngelEyes, Miz. sweetiepie Suzequatro, Mr. Macho Desparil, Miz HighCheekbone Wegra, Mr. 2nd macho Ifzan (hahaha...sorry Ifzan, Desparil is No. 1 Machoguy), Mr. Kaisersoze (how come ure so quiet now?), Mr Alex the CookieMan, Mr. applepie Agus and of course our talented Mr. Photographer Zuhri (U still around boss?).
There are also those whom I haven't met yet but you guys are very special to me. I know people say you write for yourself and who cares if no one comment on it but I have to admit I look forward to getting comments from Shopper Mom, Trueblue, Freak N Geek, Princess Waffzonkle, Gravtkills, Pugly, UglyButAdorable and 9. Maybe it's because we've been in each other's lives virtually and share so many stories with one another. I bet you that if we ever meet each other in person there won't be any awkward moments...I hope...
So Happy 1st Birthday Cosmic_GurL...I hope there will be many more birthdays to come...You guys inspire me to write and for that I thank you.
p/s : Thanks to my silent readers as well. You know who you are :-)