Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Night Footie

Hubby and I recently got our very own Astro installed in our bedroom (We live with my parents so everytime we want to watch American Idol or sports, hubby and I had to go downstairs to watch it). Most of the time we have to miss the Idol 8pm show because my dad would watch the news and sometimes by 11.30pm we would be so tired and sleepy we would somehow missed watching the show which was really sucky.

Hubby would complained that everytime he finished watching ManU game on tv with my dad he would get sore throat, have difficulty to breath and would smell really bad from the ciggie smoke (Yeah my dad smokes in the house. Even my mom couldn’t make him stop smoking in the house). It’s weird because hubby used to smoke before and one would think that he’s used to the smoke and the smell. Nonetheless, I know how he feels, which is why I don’t usually watch tv downstairs if my dad is around because I can’t really stand the ciggie smoke and smell (he smokes the Gudang Garam btw) even though my favourite tv show is on. Before we got married, hubby used to come to my house everytime the ManU game is on because at that time he didn’t have Astro at his apartment. And everytime there’s a game my dad would ask me if hubby is coming to watch the game or would ask me to call and tell hubby to come over to watch the game with him.

I think maybe that’s why my dad likes him because they have something in common to talk about besides me of course. So over the years hubby and my dad have been watching football games together and bonded I suppose. When I am upstairs I could hear both of them shouting, “Goal!!!!” everytime one of the MU players scored a goal.

So tonight MU is playing against Middlesbrough. I told hubby that my dad would loose his footie buddy and have to watch football alone now that we have Astro in the room. Then hubby did something really sweet and thoughtful. Hubby said he would watch the game with my dad downstairs even though I know he would feel “terseksa” inhaling all that smoke. Things like this makes me love him even more and the fact that he would have to suffer for 2 hours just so he could accompany my dad to watch the game, well, that’s just the kind of person he is. Thoughtful and kind.

On another note, I changed my profile picture in my Facebook yesterday. Last night I got a message from this guy which said,

“Hello, how are you? Nice profile pic by the way. You look very pretty”

To which I replied, “Thanks. You have a nice profile pic too. Is that your car?” (He had a picture of a Ferrari as his profile pic).

He replied, “Nah. Someday it will be. Too bad you’re married though J”

Hmmm…I didn’t reply to the message. I wanted to ask what he meant by that but I think I kinda know what he was insinuating. I checked his profile and it said that he was single. You see, if I was to flirt with the guy I would’ve answered,

“And if I wasn’t, what would you do?”

When you’re married there are certain things that you shouldn’t be saying to the opposite sex even though you think it’s innocent. If my husband were to tell me that a girl is pretty in front of me then I would be okay with that. But if my husband were to message a girl who is single or married that she is pretty behind my back then I would have a problem with that.

So anyway, I’m thinking of changing my profile pic. There’s a lot of weirdos out there on the internet. Tak pasal2 kena stalk plak kang. Hehehehe…