Friday, November 18, 2005

To Marry or Not to Marry...That is The Question...

I received a disturbing phone call 2 days ago from a very close friend. She was in the same university as me and we were really close back then. She was one of my friends that I don’t really keep in touch with but when we meet up once a year (usually during hari raya gatherings) it was like we had never parted, ya’ know what I mean? Well, she called me and asked me how I was and the first thing she said was,

“I’m gonna end up like you.”

And I of course went,

“Huh? Whaddaya mean end up like me? Cute you mean?” (yes, yes, my attempt at cracking jokes!)

She asked me whether I had heard anything about her (I hate it when people do that, they call you out of the blue to ask you whether you’ve heard anything bad about them. And if you say you haven’t then they would usually tell you to forget they mentioned anything in the first place. Like Whutthefridge??? So frustrating okay!). So anyway I pestered her and finally she told me that she’s in the process of getting a divorce. Whoa! She’s been married for 6 years and has a 5-year-old daughter. I asked her what happened and she said they just couldn’t live together anymore. There were a lot of fighting and arguing going on that both of them felt tired and decided enough is enough. She said she has been contemplating getting divorce for a while now and finally had the courage to go through with it.

I don’t know what to say to her. I can only asked her whether she was sure she was making the right decision. She said she knows people sometimes stay together for the sake of the children but she doesn’t think she can live in a lie. If I know my friend then yeah, she’s one of those people who spoke her mind and is very stubborn and opinionated. I asked her what do they fight about and she said that it was always about petty things. Yup, that’s how it all started. First with minor fights (e.g. leaving your trails of clothes all over the place and not putting them in the laundry basket or not cooking often enough), which had then escalated into major ones (e.g. accidentally found lovey dovey text messages on your husb’s/wife’s mobile). She said they don’t have communication problem, in fact both of them are chatterboxes. She said the reason they fight is because she doesn’t respect him enough. She is earning more than him and is in a better position than him, career wise that is. She said he gets frustrated and often takes it out on her and that’s when they fight. There was no third party involved. It was purely because they couldn’t get along anymore.

After I put down the phone, I thought to myself. I’m not even married and almost half of my friends are getting divorced. Just got to know that one of my friends are getting divorced because her husband is having an affair. And another guy is divorcing his wife because he found out she was a lesbian. I mean how can you not know this when you were going out with her, man??!! *Sigh*

What is happening to my friends? I thought when you get married you had promised to love each other till the day you die. What went wrong???? Is it because they got married too early? Did they get married because they’re lonely and just need someone to accompany them to weddings and open houses and dinners? Did they get married because their parents decide it is time to get married? Did they get married because they just want children? Are those valid reasons to get married?I am not jaded. I do want to get married and spend the rest of my life with that one person and be blissfully happy. At the same time I am scared because people have been telling me that marriage is a gamble and thus it could go either way. And I cant count how many times ive been told this, "Never trust your spouse 100%".

With all these negative views about marriage, I can’t help but think about my grandparents. They are the most loving couple I know. Every day around 5pm, my Tok Yang will make tea and some kuih for my Tok Ayah and they will sit in the garden and talk about everything under the sun, mostly about their children and grandchildren. Then Tok Yang will take Tok Ayah’s hands and they will walk in the garden holding hands and Tok Yang will occasionally laugh at Tok Ayah’s jokes coz my Tok Ayah is really funny.

I want that kind of relationship!!! That fiery everlasting love. I want someone who loves me passionately but not smother me with too much love till I can’t breath. Someone who shares my interest on music, movies and the colour purple. Someone who just listens when I rambled on and on about what a crummy day I had at the office. Someone who is brave enough to get on that scary ride like Voltex at the funfair with me. Okay, guess I’m pushing it a wee bit. Hehehehe…

Alright, so what makes a marriage? What are the ingredients of a happy marriage? Let me know quick ‘kay coz I may be traipsing down the aisle pretty soon and I don’t wanna stumble and fall flat on my butt on my way there…

Monday, November 14, 2005

Chickies Galore!!

After reading my post on “Msia’s Most Beautiful Woman” one of my dearest friend who also happens to be my colleague asked me how come I didn’t mention in my blog any of my other colleagues who are very goojas as well. Ladies, you know how beautiful you are to me and how important your friendship means to me. I am so grateful to have such wonderful colleagues. They keep me sane and keep my stress level to a minimum. So to all you chickies, remember this? I love you guys :-)

Budak kechik (bukan nama sebenar) - big lovely eyes , your ladylike and organized ways, very sweet features, knack of dressing, lovely lovely skin and eyes, your odie-ness but yet wifely and motherly ways.. and you can come up with very wise comments when we least expect you to!! lovely pixie like features and ability to eat yet not store any amount of fat.

Sinaran chick (bukan nama sebenar) - smile and her cheekbones , tersipu-sipuness , comel when excited, you are very understanding and forgiving (i really admire that), your vast vocab and your lil round tush! oh, fa, i think you're a smart shopper! lovely hair, very smart and ability to eat yet not store any amount of fat.

Mummy-C (bukan nama sebenar) - sharp feature and yr eyes , you're a hot mama babe!, very confident , you always crack me up with your quick wits, dedication towards your children and things you love, nice features, nice face, nice smile! beautiful face, caring mummy-ly ;-)

Pinky (bukan nama sebenar) - her smile ,smile and cute laugh , friendliness , silky hair , your innocence, positive attitude, you actually like doing sports and your sweet sweet smile..

Booby Kenooby (bukan nama sebenar) - her lembutness and wits , wit and laugh , niceness, your thick hair (even Hood has said, you have really nice thick hair) , alluring , one woman that oozes sex appeal, smart and so manja.. funny woman

Daida (bukan nama sebenar) - very demure and ladylike , lemah-lembutness and no-nonsense way when she talks things she, fashion etc. , her knowledge in fashion , lemah gemalai , shopaholic!!! hahahahaa , friendliness and great social skills

Bananarama (bukan nama sebenar) - wits and cute button-nose ,way you walk.... also like your dressing, and it's also cute when you don't know some malay words ;-) , nice slim fingers , witty, witty, witty, your hair, flawless skin and nice slender figure! *sigh* , slender and slim and flawless face!!!

Yours truly (hahaha…im not like one of the perasan women in the reality tv show okay) - direct and honest and the garangness!;) i like your eyes, she keeps me safe from evil beings ;) your wits, warmth, openness, friendliness, someone whom i know i could up in the middle of the nite to talk to... and your beautiful silky brown hair! direct yet caring and funny ;-)