Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Tok Wan and Tok Yang!!!

I'm going back to my mom's kampung in Kedah this weekend. We're going to celebrate my grandma's belated birthday and my grandad's upcoming birthday. My grandad was born on 7th July and my grandma on 6th June. Cool dont u think so? They've got 13 children and 69 grandchildren. They've been married for god knows how long but they still act like a couple of kids in love, you know? It must be nice to be so in love. My grandma still gets jealous..of the maid no less. So she made sure that no one served my grandad but her, be it cooking, putting the food on the table to ironing his clothes. They are truly devoted to one another.

Now tell me, how many wives now do all that for their husbands? Seriously. Let me be the first to say, "No, I don't do what my grandma does for my grandad all the time."

I'm not a perfect wife, god knows my husband and I have had our fair share of arguments about this. He wants me to cook at least on weekends to which I do sometimes but I just don't enjoy cooking. I like baking (however, takkan nak sumbat your husband muffins or cake everyday, kan?) but I'm just so lazy when it comes to cooking. I mean he gives me enough motivation for me to cook like praising me and telling me my dishes tastes really good but it's still not enough to motivate me to cook.

We women nowadays work just as hard as the men. Gone are the days when a family can survive with a single income. Women nowadays are so unlike our grandmothers back in those days whereby their main duty was taking care of the kids, doing house chores and putting a hot meal on the table. These days women have to work in order for the family to live rather comfortably especially if you live in the city. The husband usually takes care of the house mortgages, car instalments, water and electricity bills and oh yeah not forgetting the astro bill, maid's salary and maybe at the beginning of the year the school fees and uniforms for the children while the wife usually takes care of the groceries, kid's everyday allowances and the wife is usually the accountant in the family i.e. makes sure a portion of the salary goes into savings.

So, we work as hard as men. As such, when we get home we're as tired as the men too. But since it's ingrained in us that "perempuan belajar tinggi macam mana pun kena masuk dapur" by our grandmothers so we become "Wonder Woman" or try to be one. When we reach home we can't just take our shoes off, sit on our comfy Ogawa chair, switch on the tv and turn on channel 76 and read the newspaper at the same time because as mothers we have that maternal instincts where the only natural thing for a mother to do when she steps into the house is to hug her children (if she has any) and play with them. We do that because we love our children and also because we do not want our children to think that the maid is their mother, god knows the children might think so since they're with the maid from morning to evening! After playing with the children, Wonder Woman will rush to the kitchen and cook for the family. The maid can't help because she's busy taking care of the children.
After she has finished cooking then she has to make sure the kids are bathed and she has to take a bath too because god forbid as a wife you have to "berhias" for your husband. You have to put "wangi-wangian" and make sure "ketiak tak bau masam". Then after the husband and children have eaten, Wonder Woman has to make sure the children finish their homework and then get them ready for bed. What does the husband do? He's in front of the tv watching "Gerak Khas".
Where am I going with all this you ask? Easy.
  • When your wife looks tired after coming back from work, please don't ask her "Masak apa hari ni Tipah?" instead ask her "Nak I urut yang?"
  • The first thing you should do after coming back from work is to go to your wife, no matter in what state she is in, whether she is wearing your white pagoda t-shirt with her "kain batik" or she's in her "baju kelawar", you should give her a kiss on both her cheeks and say, "I love you sayang" instead of "Iskh! Berapa hari tak mandi ni Tipah?"

Sekian, terima kasih. Have a good weekend everyone! Don't be naughty, especially to my hubby because this is the first weekend i'll be leaving you alone in the house.

Disclaimer : Cerita ini tidak ada kaitan dengan suami saya. Suami saya seorang yang penyayang dan setiap hari dia balik dari office dia akan cium pipi saya. Ahaks!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Poor Eye!

I've been on MC for 2 days now...yesterday and today. I've the biggest stye or what malay calls "ketumbit" on my left eye. And NO! I didn't mengendap anyone! Why do people always say that anyway? What's a stye got to do with someone being a peeping tom?? I don't get it.

Arrgghhh!! It's itchy as hell and I can't wear my contact lenses. I hate wearing my glasses coz it makes me look like a geek. Yes, call me vain, whatever, my hubby has accepted that fact.

So, how to get rid of this damn stye? I've to go to work tomorrow and I REFUSE to wear my grandma glasses! Sigh...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's Raining Men!!

I'm not really an English football fan club, unlike my hubby who is a die-hard MU fan. But I love Thierry Henry. I think he is such a BRILLIANT footballer. Arsenal wouldn't have so many winnings if not because of this man. I don't know how they would perform next season without Henry in the team.

I'm also a die-hard fan of...dont laugh okay...RONALDINHO. Okay fine. Laugh. My friends would laugh at me and asked me whether the reason I like Ronaldinho was because of his shiny white teeth to which I would reply, "Whatever Mothaf****r". All I know is Ronaldinho is an amazing and skilled footballer especially in the 2002 World Cup when Brazil won. Man! I watched every game Brazil was playing. At that time I was practising in a legal firm and I had actually asked my boss whether I could leave early to watch the game between Brazil and England. If he didnt let me I would've faked a terminal illness or something. And thank god Brazil had won!

So you can imagine how excited and happy I was when I read this! My two favourite footballer in one team! That's like a dream come true. Make me proud boys!

P/S : Oh yeah, you wanna know another football dream team of mine? A team with these players in them...I swear I would have non-stop orgasms throughout the game! Hahaha!


Micheal Owen


Cristiano Ronaldo