Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Being Truly Free

There is tremendous freedom in letting go. It is liberation to free ourselves of things that clutter our lives; too many possessions, useless emotions, unhealthy habits, old beliefs, even people that drain our energy. All of these things and more can weigh us down. Every once in awhile it's good to "clean out our closets" literally and figuratively.

Like pruning dead branches or like a snake shedding an old skin, we need to let go of the what no longer serves or what no longer fits, so that there is room for something new, alive, and what is needed at this time in our lives. Yet, we are a possessive society. We often hold on to things, feelings, and relationships out of habit or, many times, out of fear of being without. For so much of learning to let go is about learning to trust. We have to be able to trust that, indeed, new branches will grow, that there is a new skin under the old one. And yet, to the degree that we are willing to let go, we are able to receive. When we stop holding on and clinging to anything, we realize we have everything.

For in reality, we really own nothing. Certainly, we don't own people. Our spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, children are not really "ours." Even if we own the title to our house or car, such possessions can be gone in a moment, taken by a natural disaster, an accident, or financial circumstances. Tanjong Tokong residents could not grasp our government concept of “owning the land”, anymore than one can own the sky.

For everything belongs to the universe, as even we do. When we allow ourselves to rethink our sense of "ownership," it is easier to let go. We no longer need to feel burdened by the responsibility of having to hold on to something. Rethink the value of a prized book collection, a coveted job, and feelings for an old flame. Perhaps it isn't necessary to physically get rid of something, but letting go of the power that a person, ideology, or material object possesses is truly freeing.

So, is there anything or anyone in your life that you need to let go off?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kelab Golf Cinta Sayang

Aaahh…it’s good to be back in the city after a weekend of non-stop eating and relaxation. Poor hubby had to stay alone in the house during the weekend as he couldn’t take time off from work on Saturday.

Here are some of the pictures taken at my grandparents’ house at Cinta Sayang. Hehehe..i love the name of the place where they’re staying at. It’s like if you’re staying at Persiaran Cinta Sayang, you’ll be in love forever. Dahlah Cinta…then Sayang pulak tu.

I made the mashed potatoes. My speciality. Easy to make and everybody loves them! Who doesn't like mashed potato, tell me?

The birthday guy and gal. Aren't they cute? :-)

The yummy birthday cheesecake!

The "Heroes". My nephew Hareez (in yellow seen hugging my cousin in blue) ni suka cium semua orang, even the boys! I must teach him that if you're young it's okay to hug all the gurls and boys and even give them a kiss but when you get older, not so much. You'll probably get beaten up if you try to kiss a boy...

My adorable cousin. Semua acuan sama jer. If tak macam anak Arab then macam anak Pakistan skit.

Malaysia's Next Top Model? I lurve my cousin's curly wurly hair!
My hubby once told me that he feels pressured because all my cousins, nephews and nieces are gorgeous so if he doesn't give me beautiful children then he sure kena one! Hahahaha...Ader ke?

Budak Chomei-lote