Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Of Good Company, Good Food and Good Concert!

I had a really good weekend. After being emotional for the past few days I was happy to go on this roadtrip to Awana Baiduri which is next to Awana Kijal, T'ganu.

Being me, I'm always prepared for everything. Hubby thought it was weird of me to bring the mosquito repellant and yoko yoko but hey! U never know when you're gonna need it so better be safe than sorry. So hubby and I left for Kuantan around 10 am and we convoyed with 2 other cars. It was a fun roadtrip coz my friend's hubby got us a walkie talkie each and we were yakking non-stop in the car. So tak mengantuk sangatlah drive. Bukan I drive pun. Heheh...

Reached another friend's house in Kuantan at 12.30pm where she cooked chicken rice for for us for lunch. Yummylicious and memang we all kena spoil abis lah. Asyik makan jer.

We lepak2 at her house and prayed and started our journey to Awana Baiduri around 2.30pm. On the way we stopped at this gerai called "Nafisah" where I had the most delicious "sata" (made from fish) ever! I mean I'm not really a fan of Kelantanese delicacies because they tend to be sweet but this sata is sweet and spicy! The right combination for me.

A very burnt looking "sata" but it tasted good nonetheless! And why do they call it keropok sagu instead of keropok lekor I wonder?

As soon as we reached Awana around 5pm we unloaded everything from the car and start cooking already. I siap bawak oven and another friend brought an electric grill kay coz we were told that we couldn't do the BBQ on the beach.
Good food, good company...what else could anyone ask for?

On the way back we stopped at one of those shops along the road to get some sotong and ikan kering for my mom. Rambang mata tengok all those things hanging from the ceiling of the shop. Hehehe...

p/s : I went to Gwen Stefani's concert last night. It was awesome! awesome! awesome! That woman is soo adorable and so energetic. Who would've thought Gwen Stefani has a Malaysian connection huh? The papers reported that Gavin Rosdale's stepmom is a Malaysian. Kira adalah bau-bau bacang skit...