Friday, January 12, 2007

Dream A Little Dream...

Have you ever had one of those dream where ure on top of the highest building or mountain and you're looking down and spreading your arms wide open like ure about to jump and you did jump and ure flying and smiling because you've managed to do something which other people are afraid of doing...letting yourself go...then suddenly you find yourself nosediving to the ground and there's no safety net or anyone to catch you and u know that ure not gonna make it, that ure gonna die yet ure not ready to die because there's so many things u havent accomplished and u havent even said goodbye to your loved ones...
Then suddenly you wake up. Your heart beating so fast like it's gonna explode right out of your body and ure sweating profusely in an air-conditioned room.
I just had one of those dream. Been having it 3 nights in a row now.
I wonder what it means. I dont think I wanna know.