Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Royal Wedding

Aaaahhh...Malaysia's Most Eligible Bachelor is not Eligible anymore. I've always thought that Raja Nazrin was the most handsome and smartest prince around. You hardly ever hear any gossip about him being a womaniser etc. He had broken a lot of hearts when he announced his nuptial to Zara Davidson a week ago. They look good together, don't u think so?
Another person whose heart has been broken is my colleague, Princess Sparkle...Dahlah Raja Nazrin got married on her birthday plak tu...What a birthday present huh Sparkle? Sabar jer la kay...I dont blame you for not going to work today. It is a lot to handle :p Be strong.

p/s : pics provided by ZZ..thanks dear!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Baby Angel

My sis-in-law just gave birth to a 3.1 kg, beautiful baby girl on Saturday, the 11th May 2007 at 9.25 a.m., a day after their 1st anniversary. Isn’t that cool? My sis-in-law said that she tried everything to deliver the baby early because she was so exhausted and just want the baby out from her tummy! She said she had a refrigerated “air kelapa muda” drink the day before to expedite the birth (seriously? I never knew this). Congrats Bob and Farahah!

Welcome to the world, FARAFISYAH RAZAD. Check out her cheeks! Hehehe…

Oh yeah, one more thing…I just need to vent out...isn’t it just annoying when people keep asking you, dah ada apa-apa ke ni?” or dah berisi ke?” I mean as much as I would want to get pregnant ASAP if tak ada rezeki lagi then what to do la kan? It’s only been 3 months anyway! I’m even afraid to tell the junior clerk in my department that I’m going to the clinic because I’m having a headache (which I’ve been having a lot because of this hot hot weather) for fear that she might tell the whole department that I may be pregnant. That goes for my relatives too. Some of my aunts have been asking me the same question. It’s so damn blardy annoying laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

And oh yeah, thehubby has been asked the same question by his colleague as well. I really do not want to get all stressed out but I am beginning to…sigh…