Friday, January 04, 2008

Welcome back to Reality

Happy New Year everyone!

I flew to Kuching with hubby on the 28th Dec and stayed there til 2nd Jan. The main reason for going back was to attend hubby’s brother’s kenduri kahwin on 30th Dec. The akad nikah already took place on 30th Nov. Hubby didn’t get to see his family during Hari Raya because he started his new job and didn’t have any leave. Pictures of the wedding are posted on my FB.

New year in Kuching was quiet. Maybe because I didn’t really spend New Year in Kuching. We went to this place called Sematan. It’s like PD and we rented the chalet there for one night. So on the eve of new year, hubby, FIL together with my BILs had bbq-ed some lamb, chicken, prawns and cuttlefish by the beach. There were no fireworks, only total darkness and the sound of the waves. It was good for a change I guess spending new year away from KL. I missed my family but hubby’s family made me feel so welcome and loved. We ate so much! My MIL cooked Laksa Sarawak (I made the mistake of calling it Laksa Sarawak while I was there and hubby laughed at me and said that I don’t have to call it “Laksa Sarawak” when I’m in Sarawak), stuffed chicken with potatoes, Bubur pedas (didn’t really like it but hubby said the bubur pedas that we had was not the same as the bubur pedas his grandma used to cook) and other local dishes that I cant remember the names. On the night we arrived in Kuching, hubby asked his brother to buy Mee Kolok for us. It was truly delicious. How come we don’t have Mee Kolok here in KL?

Sematan was nice. Too bad it rained throughout our stay there. Nak mandi laut pun tak leh coz the waves was quite strong.

We also had the most delicious seafood in Kuching. The butter prawns were awesome!!

My good friend, L, who has been married for almost 8 years told me that she might be pregnant. They have been ever since they got married and were desperate for a child. She went “berurut” with this elderly woman who calls herself Mak Som in Kuantan a few months back and told me that this Mak Som is really good and all the women who went to her had gotten pregnant. L told me there are a few conditions that she has to follow e.g. after berurut for 3 days in a row, L and her hubby must have sex everyday for 14 days and tak boleh miss even 1 day (errmm…for some men this is quite daunting, am I right?) and after that must refrain from having sex for 4 months!!! I think this is even more difficult that having sex 14 days in a row, no? How do you NOT have sex with your husband for 4 months??!! Can tahan ah? Hehehe…But for L she said she would do anything to be pregnant so she followed Mak Som’s conditions religiously and yesterday she texted me and told me there’s a faint line on the pregnancy kit.
She was so excited and was supposed to go see a doctor next week to confirm. For her sake I hope she is pregnant. She told me Mak Som is coming to KL next week and if I want to berurut with her then L will take me to see Mak Som. There’s no harm in trying right? I told hubby and hubby said there’s no harm in trying but 4 months without sex??!! Hehehe..Sabar jer lah…I don’t wanna get my hopes up..I told L to redha and if it doesn’t happen then she must be patient. Pandai jer cakap kat orang camtu kan? But bila kena batang hidung sendiri tak tahu nak console diri sendiri. Sigh…
Oh yeah, I got my year-end bonus and was quite happy with it. I got an Ipod Classic 80GB as a present to myself. Wanted to get the 160GB initially but then hubby said what was I gonna do with 160GB anyways. He's right i suppose. My 1st wedding anniversary is also coming up. I told hubby there's no way I'm getting him a PS2 or PSP or an XBox. If I do get pregnant THEN maybe he'd get one. If that's not motivation enough for him then I dont know what is. Hehehe...