Friday, February 08, 2008

Of Getting Old and A Lil Bit Wiser

Happy birthday to you,

this is your day.

On this day for you were gonna love you in every way.

This is your day, your day,

happy birthday to you, to you, to you.

Happy birthday to you,

youre still young.

Age is just a number, dont you stop having fun.

This is your day, your day, happy birthday to you.

This day only comes once every year,

Because youre so wonderful with each and everything you do, hey!

Happy birthday to you, this is your day.

On this day for you were gonna love you in every way.

This is your day, your day, happy birthday to you, to you.

This day is only for you, cause you're so special in every way,

Happy birthday to you!

The song above is called Happy Birthday and sung by the New Kids On The Block (NKOTB). I read somewhere that the NKOTB is getting back together and coming out with an album. I am not ashame to admit that I was sooooooo in love with Jordan Knight back then and I used to have his pictures all over my wall in my room. I even cut out his pictures and glued them on the cover of my schoolbooks. Those were the days...aaahh...things were much simpler back then. You never have to worry about your kids playing at the playground without supervision or going to tea-parties with their friends. People were less complicated back then I think.

I turn 34 today. Have I become a better person now than 20 years ago? Do I still maintain friendships from when I was 14? Yes and yes. And for that I am thankful. Not everyone can say that they are surrounded by good friends all the time.

At midnight today I received dozens of text messages wishing me Happy Birthday. My hubby told me that I am lucky to have such thoughtful friends and I told him that you have to work hard to maintain friendships. I never forget to wish my friends Happy Birthday and in return they never forget to wish me. Friendships are always about reciprocation. You have to give to receive.

So to all my wonderful friends, thank you for all the birthday wishes. I am glad to have you as a friend.

To my loving and wonderful husband, thank you for the birthday gift. Thank you for understanding and putting up with this stubborn woman. And I hope you look forward to growing old with me as I look forward to growing old with you.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Of Wishes and Wedding Anniversary

I cannot believe I just celebrated my 1st year wedding anniversary last Saturday. It seems like I just got married yesterday. That’s a good thing right? I mean to feel like you just got married (even after it’s been a year) and still be very much in love with your husband? I am one lucky gal.

I’m also going to be celebrating my 34th birthday this Friday, Feb the 8th. Gosh. The clock is ticking really, really fast now. February is a very festive month for me. Heheh…I pity hubby though. He’ll be broke every February what with our anniversary and my birthday happening in the same month.

For my anniversary present, Hubby decided to treat me to a weekend getaway. He brought me to Saujana KL. We stayed at the hotel one night and had dinner at this lovely Italian restaurant called Senja. It was such a romantic getaway even though it was only like a 15 mins drive from our house. Next year we planned to really get away…at least out of KL.

So what do I wish for this year? If you’ve been reading my blog then you would know. That’s the only thing I wish for this year…that and a huge big fat bonus at the end of the year…InsyaAllah…