Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cucuk sana..cucuk sini!

A 3 year old boy entered the elevator with his bibik. The bibik was taking him downstairs to buy some vege from the supermarket located at the ground floor of the apartment. Inside the lift, the boy saw a couple whereby the girl was wearing a spaghetti strap top and you could clearly see her bra strap while the guy had his arms around her waist. There was also an old chinese lady in the lift.

This 3 year old boy pointed at the girl with the bra strap in sight and said out loud,

"Iskh! Tak Malulah bik!"

The girl blushed and her bf too felt embarrassed and now had his arms around her shoulder, probably to cover the bra strap.

There was an uncomfortable silence in the lift. Then the couple joked around and the bf was now poking his gf's waist and the girl laughed.

The 3 year old boy opened his mouth again, shouted at the couple while pointing his finger at them,

"Cucuk sana, cucuk sini, aaaaacccckkkk! Tak malulah bik!"

The bibik looked mortified. The chinese lady couldnt help but laughed out loud and the couple I think probably felt like strangling the 3 year old boy.

The 3 year old boy is my nephew, Hareez. He just celebrated his 3rd birthday on 14th February 2008. Below is a picture of the birthday boy.

A word of caution. If you're not properly dressed and you happen to see him in the lift before getting in, DON'T get in. If you're already in the lift then try to get out as soon as you can, preferably before he opens his mouth. If there's no one in the lift other than you, him and the bibik then you're safe. If you do not adhere to the warning then you would certainly DIE of embarassment.

Now, I better go and destroy ALL my spaghetti strap tops. Kids nowadays. Scaaaaaaaary!