Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If you quit, does it make you a loser?

Karen: Tell me, if you were in my position, what would you do?
Harry: What position is that?
Karen: Imagine your husband bought a gold necklace and come Christmas gave it to somebody else...
Karen: Would you wait around to find out if it's just a necklace, or if it's sex and a necklace, or if worst of all it's a necklace and love? Would you stay, knowing life would always be a little bit worse? Or would you cut and run?

My friend found out her husband had slept with another woman. When asked why he did it, he answered because he was seduced, that it didn’t mean anything and that he was sorry. My friend cried till there were no more tears left. At one point she blamed God for giving her such “dugaan”. She knows it will be hard trusting him again. So she asked whether she should stay or cut and run.

In the end, she decided to stay in the marriage. After all, quitting are for losers. And she is not a quitter she says.

May God give her strength.