Friday, May 25, 2007

Spidey, my buddy

Was having a conversation with the hubby last night after we came back from watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It was an excellent movie simply because it was raining “Johnny Depp” (anyone who has watched the movie know what I am talking about). Anyway, I thought the movie was a bit long and tad confusing because everyone kept backstabbing everyone else. Out of all the 3 instalments of POTC, I prefer the 1st one.

Back to the conversation I had with the hubby, we were talking about how obsessed Hareez (my 2 year old nephew) was with Spider-man. The hubby brought back a poster of Spidey and I hung it on one of the cupboard in the room downstairs and Hareez kept staring and pointing at it like Spidey was gonna jump out of the poster anytime and grab him. He was so excited looking at the poster and it also doesn’t help when his parents got him a Spidey outfit which he would have worn everyday had we not stop him. I am not planning to let him watch any of the Spider-man movies because I don’t want him to climb on the couch and jump down from it or imitating all the dangerous stunts like in the movie. I can’t even remember how many times he has hit his head by doing those stunts. Still tak serik-serik lagi. Nangis kejap jer, lepas tu lompat balik!

His surprise look when I took his picture. He can't stand the flash from the camera. Hehehe..

Spidey "high" on milk

So anyway hubby said that boys at Hareez's age are usually obsessed with colourful-dressed superheroes like Spidey (because he can jump from one building to another) or Superman (because he can fly and he’s uberstrong). However, as these boys grow up into teenagers or even young adult, they would prefer a much “darker” superhero like Batman (because he is mysterious and has a lot of cool gadgets). Ye ke? I think there are even some adults who fancies Spidey but maybe too embarrassed to admit it :p

I am just waiting for Hareez to loose interest in Mr. Spidey. I dah tak tahan jadi his wrestling buddy. Sakit satu badan. That boy is very ganas…Sigh…

Monday, May 21, 2007

As We Get Older...

As I grow older I realised that my tolerance level has decreased quite a bit. Things that usually don’t upset me last time like how the guy at the McDonalds counter can take so bloody long to punch a simple order on the cash register or how the guy can entertain and take orders from a person who had just cut queue could easily make my blood boil up to 100 degree Celsius within seconds. However, I would not blow my top. I would get very annoyed but I would not loose my patience.

I am not a quick-tempered person. I would like to think of myself as a calm and level-headed person when dealing with human’s inefficiencies. I mean not everyone is perfect and they’re bound to slip up and make mistakes once in a while. But the thing is what if the slip-ups are things which can be avoided in the first place if you are more careful or mindful of others?

Slip of the tongue – I’m sure everyone is guilty of this at one point in time. Like for example someone told you a secret and made you swear not to tell anyone and after a month or so you totally forgot about what you’ve sworn and accidentally blurted it out to another person? This is how friendships/relationships are destroyed. You don’t mean to but you kinda did. A point of no return.

Consider these scenarios :
1) What if you’ve found a bug in your soup and a strand of hair in your dish? Would you kick up a fuss and let the whole restaurant know how unhygienic the restaurant is and demand for your money back? And after all that you go home and take out your laptop and begin writing a long-winded letter to Malay Mail telling the whole nation what had happened to you and demand the Ministry of Health to drop by the restaurant and if need be close it down? Is that considered over-reacting? Or are you being a concerned citizen?

2) What if you’re watching a movie and in the middle of the movie the person next to you starts talking to his girlfriend and narrating every single scene in that movie? At first, you politely tell the guy to keep quiet. He kept quiet for a while but after 10 minutes he’s at it again, yakking away, oblivious to the fact that he is annoying the living crap out of people around him especially you. So do you then again politely tell him to keep it down or do you make your way out of the cinema in the middle of the movie (if you do this you’d be missing some of the scenes from the movie and imagine that you’ve been waiting to see the movie for the longest time and it was so bloody hard to get a ticket) and find the manager and tell the manager what happened and ask the manager to remove the guy and his girlfriend from the cinema? Or without warning, would you just punch the living daylights out of the guy right then and there? Or would you just keep quiet because you wouldn’t want to make a scene?

I’ve lived with a person who has a quick temper all my life i.e. my dad. Sometimes he gets angry at things which a normal person would not even get angry at and I’m telling you it’s so silly that you would feel embarrassed to even tell people what causes him to swear and shout. I know people say that you have to endure things like this if you have a police officer or an army as your dad because they run their household like how they would run their squads. Dictatorship is the word I’m referring to. People say as one gets older one will ultimately mellow down but not in my dad’s case though. He’s like a time-bomb and anything could set him off. He wouldn’t lay his hands on anyone but he would rant and rave and “berleter sampai subuh”. Oh yeah he sulks too, worse than my 2 year old nephew, Hareez. We've all learned to just get out of the way when he explodes.

I don’t want to turn out like that. And I made damn sure the person I marry is not like that. But if for some reason he turned out to be like that in the future I would send him packing. Most definitely, without a doubt.

So what gets your blood boiled?
How far would you go to correct the wrong done to you?
Would you encroach on another person's rights in order to preserve your right as a human being?