Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Of Stubborn Dad and Orang Bunians

Why do you think men, as they get older, they become more stubborn?

I’m talking about my dad. Don’t get me wrong. I love my dad but sometimes…ARGGGHHH!!!

My dad has kidney problems. It’s quite serious because he has to go for dialysis 3 times a week. It all started with a toothache. He had it for a while but refuse to go to the dentist to have it pulled out. To stop the pain, he took more than 10 tablets of ponstan per day. Which means in a week, he would’ve popped in 70 tablets of ponstan or maybe more?! The doctor said that was the cause of his kidney problem. Ponstan overdose. To avoid feeling the pain from the toothache, he had inadvertently jeopardised his kidney. He hates dialysis. He says it makes him weak all the time. I sympathise with him but what else can he do? My mom suggested kidney transplant but he said it’s too long a wait. He wants new kidneys NOW.

A few days back my dad’s cousin called him and told him there is this guy who can give him new kidneys but the guy is Tangkak. My dad got all excited and ask my mom to accompany him to Tangkak. I could strangle my dad’s cousin for telling my dad about this and getting him all excited. GRRRRR!!!

So 2 days ago, my parents drove down to Tangkak, Johor. My dad said his cousin told him that there is this guy who is like a shaman doctor and allegedly he can replace any organs in your body which is defective and you only have to pay the guy RM308.10. Does it make sense? Can’t be so cheap right? My parents went there to see whether this guy is for real coz my dad said that he would ask the guy to replace both his kidneys. When I asked my dad where would this guy get 2 healthy kidneys coz u cant just pluck a kidney out of thin air to which my dad answered,

“From orang bunian I think”.

“And you are okay with getting new kidneys from orang bunian?” Kang orang bunian tu mintak balik kidney dia camner?” I asked my dad.

“The guy is like a doctor. He was quoting all medical lingo and was telling us what is wrong with your mom’s backbone and my kidney. The guy also said he could fix my vision so I don’t have to wear glasses anymore. For RM308.10 he can replace any internal organs yang rosak like pancreas, liver, heart. Even doctors go to see him with their patients”.

EEEEKKKKKKKK!!! For real ah? Why do we need doctors la if this guy can fix everything??!!! Plus anyone can quote medical mumbo jumbo if they had looked it up on the internet!

Haiyooo…my dad ni kan so gullible tau. He tends to believe all this hocus pocus. How la to tell him not to believe all this? Sigh…

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Seperti Ketam Mengajar Anaknya Berjalan Lurus...

I went to Fatty Crab in Taman Megah with fellow bloggers cum good eating buddies on Merdeka Day last week. It was a very messy dinner but we had loads of fun. Si Wegra rupanya tak reti makan ketam. So Agus and I had to ketuk the ketams for her with the mallet. Hehehe..bertuah punya budak!
We ordered the fried chicken wings (sorry no pics taken coz we were too hungry and terus wallop the chicken once it arrived!) which was yummy. Ntah apa rempah dia taruk but sedap ah...
The we ordered the fish...Picture below. Errmmm...we were still hungry but I managed to take a pic of the fish coz it was staring at me. Scary looking fish but yummy nevertheless. Agus siap makan the head kay! By the time we were finished, tinggal tulang jer. Kepala pun takder.

Check out the CLAW Pijah Ketam is holding!

Tiena Ketam doing a pirate ketam together with smiling Wegra ketam

Tiena Ketam doing a Pirate Roti Bakar

Look at the mess! think it was Hubby's or was it Tiena's or was it Pijah's? Muahahaha! Ishk Iskh Iskh! Pelahap sungguh ini orang :p

Ceh ceh ceh! Checkout Tiena Ketam's new phone. Pheewwwiiitt! Same phone with Wegra Ketam plak tu. Copycat, sissycat....something something...your to sambung ah?

Ada jugak yang nak menyelit kat belakang tu!

Family Ketam Bloggers. Agus ketam tukang amik gambar...

Overall it was a good dinner. Superdzu suggested we do it again since she couldnt join us last week. Pijah Ketam aka Miss Organiser, bila next makan-makan? We do one during Ramadhan kay? Next time we besarkan skit our family ketams ya :P