Friday, July 27, 2007

Rock Kapak

Seri mewangi bagai disiram selautan kasturi
Terindah padamu kerna tak pernah meminta selain cinta
Dialah gadisku (selalu) selama-lamanya

Tak peduli kata orang terhadap dirinya
Aku tahu dia gadisku
Tak peduli nista yang terlempar padaku
Dia tahu dia gadisku

Cinta kan bermakna jika sama saling memahami
Cintaku bercahaya jika disulami cinta suci


Dikaulah hidup ini rangkap tak bermaya
Dia datang membawa harapan
Di kala hari-hariku menjadi gelita
Dia datang membawa cahaya

The song above is called Gadisku by the group Search. I'm feeling a lil bit nostalgic today folks. Best jugak layan lagu rock kapak ni sometimes. I'm feeling so 80s today. Hehehe...Picture below is of the group Wings. Used to go gaga over Awie back then. BACK THEN! (I cannot stress that enough)

Hahahaha...check out the tight jeans!! Can breath ah? :P

Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Of Blardy Mondays and 2 cool SILs

This is my phone. Dopod s300. As of yesterday, I can't switch it on coz something is wrong with the hole where the charger was supposed to be plugged in. CRAP! BLARDY FOOL! I HATE MONDAYS! Now I have to go to Low Yatt to have it checked out. Think there's warranty. There better be.

I got this handphone as a wedding gift from hubby. It's only been 5 months, takkan dah rosak kot. I can't be THAT ganas. For those who know me please forget I asked that question. In fact, don't bother answering that question, kay :-) Thank you!

Oh yeah, who is going for Gwen Stefani's concert this 21st Aug? Am contemplating whether to go for her concert or Justin Timberlake's concert. No money to go for both la. But then again, if I don't go for both rugi la plak. It's not like they come to M'sia every year for a concert right?

My sisters-in-law are in town. Hubby and I went to pick them up at the airport last night. I know hubby is really excited to see them. He's even taking today and Thursday off to spend time with them. He's such a good brother. I know he misses his family a lot especially his mom and grandma. This year, I'm going to spend my first raya away from my family. Yup, I'll be going back to Kuching to spend Hari Raya with his family. I know I'm going to cry buckets when I hear the "Takbir Raya". God, give me strength.
p/s : Managed to solve the mystery of the missing comment box after having a delicious Carl's Jr. portabello mushroom burger :-))
Oh yeah, Carl's Jr. just opened at the old wing, One Utama on the Ground Floor