Friday, September 08, 2006

Penang Oh Penang!

You wouldn’t believe what happened to me these past 2 weeks. Drama betul. So anyway, 2 weeks ago I went to Penang for a holiday with my parents and my darling but oh so notty nephew. One fine afternoon, mommy dearest decided to go on the jetski with my cousin. My dad had his doubts and decided not to go on it but of course he didn’t wanna stop my mom coz he said my mom looked excited about it. So my cousin drove the jetski with my mom clutching her from behind. They were on it less than 5 mins when this stupid arab girl (we later found out she was 15 years old) purposely tried to hit my mom’s jetski. My cousin managed to swerve but this stupid bitch came at them again and this time she hit my mom’s jetski. Both my mom and cousin fell off into the water. Luckily they had their life-jackets on. The stupid girl also fell in the water. Then this stupid girl’s brother came on another jetski and saved her. My cousin who was 17 years old and couldn’t swim shouted for help but this stupid girl just laughed and happily left my mom and cousin in the middle of the sea and went off on her jetski. OMG! When I heard my cousin telling me the story after they were saved by a fisherman’s boat, I was trembling with anger. My mom had to be carried on a stretcher by the hotel’s personnel and her left leg was all bruised. My mom had polio when she was small so one of her leg is smaller than the other and she limps when she walks. So that leg was bruised. We put some ice on it to prevent it from swelling while the hotel personnel took down the information from my cousin. Think they went looking for the jetski and half an hour later, the sister and father of that stupid, inconsiderate, “otak-letak-kat-lutut” girl came and apologise to my mom. They said they would pay for the hospital bills. Like that would make everything alright lah. The fact that that stupid girl purposely hit my mom’s jetski and then laughed and left my mom and cousin in the middle of the ocean is just too much! She didn’t even come to apologise. When I told the stupid girl’s sister what had happened and how upset I was at her sister, she just smiled and urut-urut my back and said sorry. Wei! Sorry naik lorry lah!
We brought my mom to the hospital and doctor said there was a small fracture but she must not put any pressure on the leg and thus the doctor asked her to use crutches. So now my mom is on MC for a month and using crutches to walk around. So sad seeing her like that especially when she wants to go up the stairs. Thank god the other leg or “the good leg” as she calls it didn’t fracture. If it did then she wouldn’t be able to move at all. I tell you, I curse that stupid idiot arab girl. When I heard the story from my cousin, I was so mad sampai cakap to myself, “No wonder la people think you arabs are terrorists! U sure as hell act like one so maybe your country deserved to be bombed!”
I know, I know terrible of me to say things like that but I was sooooooooooo angry at that time! Im still angry and upset over what had happened but I am happy to report that my mom is doing well although she did swear never to get on a jetski ever again. See? Stupid arab girl!

So anyway, not only my mom had an accident. I too had a accident. I somehow twisted my right knee while I was coming out from the pool. I swear I could hear my knee “POPPED!" I couldn’t bend my leg. It was soo painful. My dad brought me to the clinic and the doctor had to give me a jab on my butt. Think he said it was pain killer, or was it muscle relaxant. It doesn’t matter. He gave a bunch of painkillers and after taking them life got so much better. So if someone were to ask me whether it was a good holiday then the answer would be “NOOOOOOOO!”
Last week I was in Penang again (tak serik2 budak ni kan?) but this time not on a holiday. Cik Pijah was. Hehehe…Borong banyak dvd Pijah?

I was in Penang for a very special project i.e. Project Tekad Penang which was held in USM. We had 13 schools if I am not mistaken all comprises of Form 4 students who participated in the programme. I love Tekad. I miss all the other coaches and my champions (that’s what the students are called). It was the last Tekad. I just hope we could continue the project in other states like Johore, Trengganu or Kedah. It’s such a good feeling to be an inspiration to the students and I too learned so much from them and from the other coaches. We took the photo below after the programme ended. Posing baaaaiikkkk punya! Hehehe...