Thursday, July 24, 2008

Of This and That...

On “I Wanna Have Boobies”

Have you guys listened to the Pussycat Doll’s new single called “When I Grow Up”? I swear I heard she said, “When I grow up I wanna have BOOBIES”. But I checked the lyrics on the internet and it says “I wanna have GROUPIES”. But I saw their videoclip and when she was saying “I wanna have groupies” she was holding up her boobs. Why? Why would she do that? Hahaha…Damn confusing man. I mean like Nicole Scherzinger needs "more" boobies right?

On The Dark Knight

Oh I’ve watched The Dark Knight last week. Damn good movie. Heath Ledger was phenomenal. I never knew I could hate a villain so much like I hated The Joker. I mean Jack Nicholson as The Joker in the previous Batman movie was a complete sissy compared to Heath Ledger’s portrayal as The Joker. Ledger was disturbing and twisted at the same time. “Why so serious?” indeed! He should get an Oscar right now! Hehehe…However, I did think the movie was a bit too long and some parts were a bit draggy (I’m gonna get killed for saying this, aren’t I?). I guess it’s one of Chris Nolan’s trademarks i.e. his movies must be more than 2 hours long. Remember V for Vendetta?

Good acting by Christian Bale too. I’ve always liked his acting ever since he played the sick and twisted yuppie in The American Psycho. I still remember his famous line from the movie – “I think my mask of sanity is about to slip”. A chilling performance.

On Chick Flicks

So next week my girlfriends and I are set to watch Sex and the City. Hubby dah cakap awal-awal that he will NOT be watching the movie with me. He says it is such a chick flick, too girlie for him. Hellllloooo??!!! It’s not too girlie okay. Pffffttttbbbhhh! Some men just cannot appreciate movies without an elaborate car chase scene, buildings being blown up and people blown up to pieces.

On Hubby Being Away

Hubby is off to Penang from today until Saturday for some teambuilding thingy organised by his office. I already miss him. This morning I had no one to fight with on who should take a shower first. No bumping into him when we’re both busy getting ready in front of the mirror. No morning mail from him. Sigh. I’ll only see him on Sunday because I’m off to Sg. Petani from tomorrow until Sunday with my parents visiting my grandparents.

Have a good weekend everyone.