Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Goodbye 2005, Hello 2006!

3 more days and we will be saying goodbye to 2005 and welcoming 2006.

My love life is going well although my bf said we needed to communicate more often. Frankly, I thought we communicated enough.

I have my health, alhamdulillah although I think I have to loose some weight to fit into my wedding dress next year and look goojas in it… if I do get married la.

Careerwise? I am happy with my job now. It has its stressful moments but it is not as bad as before. I don’t have to deal with irritating and backstabbing colleagues.

I was practising for about 5 years doing civil and corporate litigation with a medium size law firm from 1999 to 2004 and I thought I would be doing that forever. I was a workaholic back then. I came to work when others were still sleeping in bed and went back home very late at night. I lost a lot of weight and wasn’t eating properly. One day I was driving back to KL after trying a case in Malacca High Court and I didn’t have any breakfast or lunch and while driving on the Senawang stretch I passed out and my car swerved over to the right side and hit the bushes in the middle of the road. I can’t remember how I managed to quickly swerve the car to the left side and ended up in the middle of the road and a huge lorry was coming at me. Thank god the lorry managed to stop in time or else…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be writing this entry if it hadn’t. Then in that same year I tore my back ligament and had to be hospitalised and underwent physiotherapy for about 2 weeks. Guess what my blardy boss did. He didn’t call or text me to ask me how I was doing but he called me to ask when do I plan to come back to work and where I had put the files. That was the last straw. I couldn’t take it anymore and I quit. Best decision I had ever made.

So I am happy with my job now even though I don’t get as much as what I was getting before. I might go back to practice, i may not. I have good friends whom I can depend on and I am loved. My parents are in good health and I have 2 adorable nephews and 1 goojas niece who tug my heartstring everytime.

All in all I have to say 2005 is a good year. I am curious of what 2006 will bring but I am not going to think about it. I am just gonna chill and enjoy myself.
Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ariel oh Ariel...

Come 1st Jan 2006, Peterpan will be having their Fenomena Konsert Tahun Baru bersama Peterpan at Stadium Merdeka. I really wanna go to that concert (provided I get the tickets) bcoz I love their songs like Mimpi Yang Sempurna from the Taman Langit album, Ada Apa Denganmu and of course their hit song Mungkin Nanti from their Bintang Di Syurga album and Tak Bisakah from the soundtrack of Alexandria.

My only concern is there will be a LOT of Indonesians there coz tickets are cheap i.e. RM45! Remember the incident at Planet Hollywood where they almost caused a small riot? Sigh…I’m a terrible person for thinking such thoughts about Indonesians but I can’t help it. Remember when we had the Thomas Cup finals here a few years back and Malaysians and Indonesians were playing against each other? The Indonesian supporters were out of control and throwing things! I’m not saying Malaysians are well behaved either but it’s the lesser evil.

Are any of you guys going?