Monday, March 24, 2008

You Can Only Pray

If beauty is only skin-deep, then why do men always fall head over heels over gorgeous but not so smart chicks?

Men always say that they prefer intelligent, witty and independent women. But I bet deep down they would rather their girlfriend/wife be drop dead gorgeous so other men can tell them how lucky they are to bag such a prize.
Are men that shallow? I would like to think that men have evolved over the years. But have they, seriously?

Another question that needs answering is, Is it okay for married men to flirt even when they have no intention (that’s what they say la) of taking it a step further? Why do they do it in the first place? Nak test power perhaps?

Have you ever asked yourselves why your husband and/wife chose you as their significant other? Have you asked yourselves,

“Am I good enough for him/her?” or

“Can he/she love me till the day I die?” or

“Will he/she be faithful to me till the end?” or

“What will I do if he/she betrays me?”

How do you sleep at night without knowing the answers?

I guess marriage is a gamble. You can never be certain how it will turn out. It could go either way. You can only pray that the sparks will never die and that the love grows stronger each and everyday. You can only pray.