Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sibuk bangat!

Gosh! Sorry for not updating the blog. I’ve been quite tied up with work, not to mention the preparation for my engagement and wedding.

We have finally fixed a date for my engagement. It’s on the 17th Dec 2006. Theboyfriend’s parents are flying in from Kuching on the 15th Dec. It will give them enough time to settle in and do some last minute preparation. I’ve already ordered cuppacakes from Superdzu. Will send u the “dulang” later kay, Dzu. It's going to be a very small affair. Only family members are invited. I have not invited any of my close friends. Hopefully they will understand and none of them will "merajuk" with me.

Just came back from Jakarta yesterday. Arrived in KL around 2 am! Stupid AirAsia, there was a delay for about 2 hours! Anyway, went to Jakarta with Mom and Aunt on Friday. We stayed at Ibis Mangga Dua Hotel. The hotel was not bad at all. Plus it was near to Pasar Mangga Dua. Went to sooooooo many places and saw sooooooooo many nice looking “kain”. They were very cheap too. I bought the kain for all 3 occasions i.e. nikah, kenduri on my side and kenduri on his side. Now I just have to find a good tailor to make the dresses.

Thank god we decided to come back on Sunday since President Bush was scheduled to arrive in Bogor on Monday. The security in the shopping complexes in Jakarta was very tight. There were policemen everywhere. Traffic jam was horrible. Was stuck in one for about an hour! And people drove like madmen in Jakarta. The drivers especially the taxi drivers honk all the time, people crossing the road like they’re invincible and I could not fathom anyone having the courage to ride on that 3 wheel car they called a “bajjai”. But shopping there is the best. Plus, we had avocado juice morning, noon and night. Simply delicious!

I’lll post pictures soon kay. I don’t feel so good today. My head is aching, I’m sniffling non-stop and coughing like mad. This is what you call “Shop Till You Drop”!

Later peeps! Eh Pijah, where have u moved your blog to? How come I can’t get access to it?