Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dedicated to the Design Diva, Mr. Ifzan Ibrahim

I have a friend.

My friend is very famous.

Everyone knows him.

Because he is a camera whore.

He loves to pose in front of the camera.

Maybe because he is soooooo good looking.

He was featured in the newspaper and magazine.

The Star and Marie Claire.

That’s how famous he is.

They call him the “design diva”.

I wonder if you can use the word “diva” to describe a guy.

Maybe for him it’s an exception because he is soooooo cool.

He is very creative. Loves to doodle.

He is also my Facebook buddy.

I like him because he doesn’t poke me in FB.

My famous friend’s name is Ifzan Ibrahim

I feel so honoured to have a famous friend like Ifzan Ibrahim.

I think after this he may make his blog “private”.

Because he will be receiving fan mails. And comments from his female stalkers.

Maybe these women wants him for his body.

This entry is dedicated to Ifzan Ibrahim.

My friend…the Design Diva.

Long live Ifzan Ibrahim.

p/s : Theta, will do your tag next ya :P
pp/s ; Don't ask me what's the story behind this post. It's only between me, my FB buddies and Mr. Design Diva.