Monday, December 18, 2006

D-Day is coming...nearer and nearer...

I am officially engaged as of yesterday. Am I supposed to act differently now?
I don't feel any different though. Prolly a bit scared. A lil bit excited.
I can still taste the sugar which thefiancee's mom had fed me. A teaspoon full of sugar. My grandma said it's "adat orang utara/Penang". It's to make the bride-to-be sweeter till the wedding day it seems. What? Am I not sweet enough? Muahahahaha....

Superdzu made the nice box which contained the nice-looking cuppacakes!

The gift from my side to his : cuppacakes & choc chip cookies, a fruit basket and a moist choc cake. Yummers!

Last but not least, the Ring...Me loikes the ring.

p/s : Happy Belated Birthday Alex! It was yesterday right? :-)

pp/s : Congrats on the arrival of your newborn baby Inconditus! :-)