Friday, June 01, 2007

What is L.O.V.E.?

Scenario One

Boy meets Girl. Boy fell madly in love with girl. Girl just got out of a relationship with a married man and was desperate to get married. Boy proposes to Girl and Girl accepts. Boy brought Girl home to meet Mommy and Daddy. Daddy strongly objects to the marriage. Boy was confused as to why Daddy objected. It turns out Girl was Daddy’s previous girlfriend. Go figure.

Scenario Two

Boy meets Girl. Boy fell madly in love with girl. Girl said she can’t reciprocate Boy’s love because she’s in love with someone else. Boy was devastated but didn’t want to give up on Girl. Boy went home. Boy’s Daddy was waiting for Boy and boy’s mommy was sobbing. Boy was surprised to see Girl there. Daddy announces that Daddy has taken a second wife and Girl is now Boy’s new stepmom.

Scenario Three

Boy meets Girl. Boy fell madly in love with Girl. Boy promises to look after Girl, love and cherish her till the day she dies. Girl believes Boy. Boy and Girl got married. Boy asked Girl to quit her job because Boy said he earns enough money to provide for the family and wants Girl to take care of their children. One child later, Boy divorces Girl because Boy had fallen in love with his secretary and secretary refuses to be the second wife. Boy throws Girl and child out of the house.

Scenario Four

Boy meets Girl. Girl fell madly in love with Boy. Boy asked Girl to marry him and Girl accepted. 3 months had passed and Boy did not have sex with Girl. Girl was frustrated and asked Boy why he did not want to touch her. Boy said he’s stressed out at work and asked Girl to be patient. 6 months gone by and still no sex. Girl went to Boy’s office to ask him out for lunch. Girl opens the door to Boy’s office and saw Boy and another boy kissing. It turns out Boy was gay and only married Girl to appease his mom.

Scenario Five

Boy from Kuching meets Girl from KL via Friendster. Boy and Girl fell in love. Boy decides to move to KL for good 3 months later as Girl said she could not have long-distance relationship. Boy and Girl got married 2 years later. Boy and Girl are now happily married. Girl controls the remote control and Boy lets her. Now THAT’s L.O.V.E. bebeh!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Wishing and Hoping and Wishing and Hoping

If I have a daughter I want my daughter to have these features (Errmm…I’m not saying I’m pregnant or anything kay…angan-angan Mat Jenin sebenarnya) :

- Kulit seputih isi buah manggis

- Bibir semerah isi buah delima

- Rambut sehitam biji buah mata kucing and curly wurly macam A&W Curly Fries

- Cute button nose like a rabbit

- Pipi tembam macam cream puff

- Smart like Einstein
(oh please god, I just want the brain, not the hair!!)

- Cool like Angelina Jolie

AND most importantly, she must be strong like Sydney Bristow…muahahahaha!

HEY! A girl can wish, can’t she?

Oh yeah, if possible, I want my daughter to look exactly like this! She’s sooooo adorable! Rasa macam nak gigit-gigit her cheeks! Gerams!