Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ahoy Matey!

While everyone else was having their normal bout of flu, cough, headache, fever and not so normal arthritis (sorry Missy!), I had to have another STYE on my eye. Same eye in fact. This time it's even bigger and it throbs like hell!! Friends said I should have it checked out. Errmm..did I tell you I'm afraid of doctors? Especially doctors at the hospital.

Oh please God, please make the swelling subside before the weekend. I don't want to spend the weekend just staying at home. I plan to pujuk my husb to take me to Chilis coz I feel like having the Triple Play. Hmmm..maybe I should put a patch on my left eye like Captain Hook. Ranggi tak u think?

Monday, July 30, 2007

Of Happy Feet and Lovely Weekend


Show your support by showing your feet to the person next to you!!

I lurve the colour of my inai. It's sooo...orangy-red!

Hubby's feet. Hmmm...a perfect 10. What do people say about a man's toe again?

My anklet have bells. Whoopeee! Kaki Gajah betul.

My MaryJane Crocs is Brown in colour. How now brown cow?

My friend Ani, the Horny Bunny bought these funky slepar Jepun for me in Bali...or was it The Girl With Hot Butt who bought it for me? Tak kisahlah coz I lurve them. So comfy! I wonder if they still have em in Bali...hmmm...Sheryl, buy for me a pair can ah? Preferably Pruple.

Last weekend, I cooked Fish n Chips for my family. My SIL do not eat fish so we got her the black pepper chicken from Tesco instead.

Home-made tartar sauce with gherkins and mayo. And some home-made coleslaw too!

My brother brought his 2 month-old daughter, Fisyah over to the house. She's so round and cute. She was perfectly happy and was smiling and laughing when I played with her. Then Hareez got jealous and cried coz I was paying too much attention on Fisyah.

Which then made Fisyah cry too!

Hareez imitating Lionel Messi. That boy is gonna be a great footballer one day...I hope.