Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday Pruplelillies…
Celebrated the birthday of my blog last week on 14th Sept...How come I missed it? Damn Facebook!

Pejam celik pejam celik, Ms. Cosmic GurL has been blogging for 2 years already. How time flies. My very
first post . Ntah apa-apa tah I tulis.

I remembered Javard urging me to start blogging 2 years ago. And he is also responsible for getting me hooked on Facebook. U la invite I suruh masuk. Now I sleep, drink, eat (oopss break fast) dengan Facebook. Sampai termimpi-mimpi Zombie and Werewolf. Hehehe…

In the past 2 years I’ve made friends and have met up with some pretty nice and fun bunch of bloggers like Eddy Purnama aka Javard (well, technically I met u first before I started blogging), Superdzu, Pijah, Leen Ashburn, Tiena, Suzie, Crash Test Mom (formerly known as Shopper Mom), Trueblue, Desparil, Sheryl Alexis, Drama Diva, Wegra, FnG, Cik PMS, Alex, Agus, Ifzan, Mal, theWailer and Bertique. Guys, I appreciate the friendship. Really I do...

Remember bloggers like Oreos, Ylanda, Pseudo, Zed, MIV, Zuhri and Kaisersoze? I wonder what happened to them and how they’re doing. Some have stopped blogging and some have made their blog private. I’m feeling very nostalgic here so bear with me.

Now I’ve made some new friends in blogland like UBA, Aphroditekuzz, XOXO, Dia, Theta, Guile, Diamond Baby, Amy, Jazzmatazzed, Sweettooth, Akula, Da Winged Acrophobic, Dade Ghost, Azer Mantessa, Katakbesar, Ardy, East43Street, Nour and others that I’ve linked to my blog. I do appreciate you guys visiting and leaving comments in here.

As I blow the candles celebrating my 2nd Birthday, my wishes are...

  • To make more new friends in blogland.
  • To not get tired of blogging.
  • To not offend anyone with my writings.
  • For people not to find me long-winded and whiny. And even if they do, I don’t care coz it’s my blog.

So Happy Birthday to me. May there be many more to come *Smile*

p/s : Whatever happened to Hobo?

Pp/s : Welcome back X-Eyed Jules! Glad to have you back!