Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday Pruplelillies…
Celebrated the birthday of my blog last week on 14th Sept...How come I missed it? Damn Facebook!

Pejam celik pejam celik, Ms. Cosmic GurL has been blogging for 2 years already. How time flies. My very
first post . Ntah apa-apa tah I tulis.

I remembered Javard urging me to start blogging 2 years ago. And he is also responsible for getting me hooked on Facebook. U la invite I suruh masuk. Now I sleep, drink, eat (oopss break fast) dengan Facebook. Sampai termimpi-mimpi Zombie and Werewolf. Hehehe…

In the past 2 years I’ve made friends and have met up with some pretty nice and fun bunch of bloggers like Eddy Purnama aka Javard (well, technically I met u first before I started blogging), Superdzu, Pijah, Leen Ashburn, Tiena, Suzie, Crash Test Mom (formerly known as Shopper Mom), Trueblue, Desparil, Sheryl Alexis, Drama Diva, Wegra, FnG, Cik PMS, Alex, Agus, Ifzan, Mal, theWailer and Bertique. Guys, I appreciate the friendship. Really I do...

Remember bloggers like Oreos, Ylanda, Pseudo, Zed, MIV, Zuhri and Kaisersoze? I wonder what happened to them and how they’re doing. Some have stopped blogging and some have made their blog private. I’m feeling very nostalgic here so bear with me.

Now I’ve made some new friends in blogland like UBA, Aphroditekuzz, XOXO, Dia, Theta, Guile, Diamond Baby, Amy, Jazzmatazzed, Sweettooth, Akula, Da Winged Acrophobic, Dade Ghost, Azer Mantessa, Katakbesar, Ardy, East43Street, Nour and others that I’ve linked to my blog. I do appreciate you guys visiting and leaving comments in here.

As I blow the candles celebrating my 2nd Birthday, my wishes are...

  • To make more new friends in blogland.
  • To not get tired of blogging.
  • To not offend anyone with my writings.
  • For people not to find me long-winded and whiny. And even if they do, I don’t care coz it’s my blog.

So Happy Birthday to me. May there be many more to come *Smile*

p/s : Whatever happened to Hobo?

Pp/s : Welcome back X-Eyed Jules! Glad to have you back!


Crash Test Mom said...

happy 2nd birthday bloggy!

i appreciate your friendship too, u'r one of the first few bloggers who came around mine. :)

trueblue said...

Happy Birthday Pruprelillies!!

Keep up the good work :)

I do enjoy your stories...

Da Winged Acrophobic said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Pruplelillies! Still can't get over the mis-spelling. But that's the charm. Blog on, sistah!

Cosmic_GurL said...

CTM - glad i met up you when u came to my office least now I can put a face to the name :)

trueblue - Arrrkk!! I cant believe i tertinggal your name. But I've edited the post and put yr name in. hehehe...sorry darling :) i do appreciate the friendship

DWA - Hehehe..Thanks...tulah excited nak register a new blog sampai tak check spelling :P

AphroditeKuzz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AphroditeKuzz said...

dear cosmic gurl
many happy in returns. congrats, u survived smpai 2 tahun.

xeyed? *giggle*

hobo? *furious*

trueblue said...

Haha..Its ok, dear!

pugly said...

Happy 2nd anniversary, Cosmic Gurl :-)

Cosmic_GurL said...

aphroditekuzz - I barely survive but becoz of people like u and the rest i mash bersemangat nak blog. hehehe...Thanks!

trueblue - *smile sheepishly* again sorry ya :)

pugly - thanks my dear Pugly! I love reading your blog. Pls dont "retire" from blogging kay

suzequatro said...

so kena la celebrate ni..ada order cuppacakes? hehe

vedd said...

Jejak kasih tak kire ke? hahahaha Selamat berpuasa bam :D

Azer Mantessa said...

You and I collide
We both coincide
I’m an alien of the outer space
I’m an alien landed this place

You and I collide
We both still keep aside
I’m an alien of alien pure
I’m an alien with alien lure

You and I collide
We both keep the ride
I’m an alien from alien wonderland
I’m an alien who wanna kiss your hand

Your blog is an earthly grace
I’m an alien of a fragile face
Your blog shelter me from storm
Just like your body – soft and warm

I’m an alien of fears and tears
This blog may comfort me through the years
I’m an alien whose poem is so unnecessary
But then … Happy Blogging Aniversary

diamond baby said...

hey babe,
yeah, it was a good day for me when I stumbled upon your blog. may we meet someday in person

Happy Birthday!

Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

2 year of bloggin..and u survived this other cruel world...ehhehe COngratulations...

'Banging my head against the wall when I'm frustrated works well for me. '

Quoted from your first entry...cute... ehhehe ;P Keep it up!

Dade Ghost said...

Congratulation and pray that your wishes will come true Sista Cosmic Gurl!

Hope u will blog for years to come.

Anonymous said...

yeay sistah! (nasib baik my link dah masuk balik) if u ever think of stopping always maintain your URL because you never know when you'd come back. Btw, thanks for visiting my other blog too those days (did u guess?)

(tumpang lalu)

kuzz ... glad i spotted that

a babe of very little brain said...

only 2? masih muda lagi.

happy birthday blog of pruplelillies (susah sungguh nak tulis nama your blog).

Leen Ash Burn said...

Happy Anniversaaaaryyyyyy Prupelilliipuutts! Here's to more exciting updates from ya. Bila nak karaoke lagi? Hehehe.

Big fat hugs till yew fart,

9 said...

and here's to many many more years of blogging. cheers. w

DiaHarris said...

happy belated Pruplelillies...

hey sistah! biler mau bersua muka.. nnt raya buat open house ek... so that i blh datang makan.. makan? bestnya....

DiaHarris said...

jgn lupa invite i jugak.. cam biasak, diaharris!

Angel Eyes said...

Happy Birthday!

*cium cium*

lilyliverbird said...

Happy Anniversary from one Lily to another :p said...

ur blog has been my daily cuppa since u were like,6 months old?happy bday babe..!;)

mal said...

heyyyyyyyy dah dua tahun ye. Happy 2nd anniversary dear. may you continue blogging!

Cosmic_GurL said...

suze - LOL! Ala bln puasa ni takleh makan manis2 sgt..hehehe..

vedd - Of course kira! Tak sangka i bumped into you in glad i did :)

AM - Oookaaaayyy then...since you took the trouble of writing that long poem (which I dont really know what it meant...heheh) the least I could do was say, "Thanks so much bruder!"

DB - Im glad u stumbled upon my blog coz now I have a chance to read yours...and what a wonderful read it has been :)

XOXO -'s not so bad. Ive made some wonderful friends in here so berbaloi la :)

DG - Thanks dude! I hope so too..Hopefully the ideas will keep on flowing

X-Eyed Jules - Hehehe..ive always kept the link la bro. Nope, I didnt know Mr. Incognito was you until I read the last entry on the blog. Pandai jugak menyamar ek? Hehehe...

Babe OVLB - Muda rumaja kan? Hehehe...Well, I love the colour purple and I love lillies so hence the name..Pardon the wrong spelling tho :p

Cosmic_GurL said...

Leen - Kita karaoke lepas bln puasa nak? Nanti I arrangekan..Sejak si Javard ni takder I tak gi karaoke langsung..No kaki now teringin giler nak karaoke..

9 - Thanks bro! Payah jugak nak come up with ideas to write ni :)

DiaHariss - InsyaAllah! Kalau I buat open house I invite you kay :)

angeleyes - *Comolots* 100 kali! Ahaks! Dah buka puasa so takper..Ahaks!

Lily - Thank yew doll! Ure one kewl chick!

tiena - Awww...thanks Ms T. Yours too have been one of my daily reads..muah muah..

mal - Thanks..Ha'ah..tak sangka dah 2 thn dah..And to think ive written so much crap..hahahaaha!

all jazzed up said...

my cosmic sista, happy 2nd blogday. love reading your stuff, and keep those comments coming. And would LURVE to meet you IRL.

akula said...

Wish you a very happy 2nd Birthday. Always ejoyed your postings. And thanks for being one of my regulars.

Nour said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nour said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Purplelillies..may there be more to come as I have always enjoyed reading your entries..:)

Theta said...

A belated Happy 2nd Anniversary to blogging, dear Cosmic Gurl....

Here's to more of your wonderful posts =)

UglyButAdorable said...

auwww...happy belated birthday gal..may you have more wonderful blogging years to come!!! and tks for including me as your new fwen..:) me terharu you!!

maybe these bunch new fwens that you have must make a session meet soon ehh..aper kata raya host laaa dgn red raven...kiter pot luck laaa..

agak2 mlm tuh..mlm MU main pun baguih gak..hhehh..hehhhh

ehhh..gud idea ehhh..

D.N.A.S said...

Happy Blogbesday !
Mine is also 2 years plus already, but I deleted my blog back in April 2006. So now kira setahun jagung le lagi.
P/s: one of my application passwords is pruplelilies. hahaha



woo hoo...its been two years!!!!! woo hoo!!!!! sape kata blogging ni is only hot-hot chicken shit aje....its a lifetime...once a blogger will always be a blogger....

sorry lama tak baca blog...ini facebook punye pasal so happy you are in facebook as well!!!! woo hooo...if life ever sucks in the real least we know we have the virtual world kan...(that sounds like my PHD)...hahahahaha

so happy for you....happy happy birthday...i balik malaysia u belanja k...

ardy said...

You're 2 already?! How time flies :)

Happy birthday pruplelillies! Keep on writing, it's always a thrill to come here :)

dzu is awesome said...

wow dah 2years kan?
time flies by like really really fast.
jom celebrate?
i appreciate your friendship cosmicgurl...coz you always make me laugh.
lawak lahhh

p/s : stop attacking my werewolf plssssss

katakbesar said...

happy birthday !
best of luck and wishes
for more and more years to come

(back to updating my facebook)

east43street said...

Happy 2nd Birthday. Always enjoy your postings. Wish I had blogged 2 years ago. Like your post on your dad and the bunians. Wish he had seen the dentist earlier. Wish he is getting better now.

Tunku Halim said...

Happy blog birthday. Yeah, agreed, Facebook can really steal the time away! :)

thewailer said...

long live to this blog! hip hip hoooray! appreciate the tribute :)

Daddy & Mummy said...

happy belated b'day, sis!!! may god bless u!! =)

Miss Camy said...

2 years!! *eek* Congrats? Or Happy Birthday? Well, congrats and happy bday!!! *yay* :)
Btw, this is so weird but I was just googling about "hubby" and I stumbled into this blog by someone named Javard and I thought to myself that its a very unique name, so it was a surprise to see that u mentioned someone named Javard here too. Random rambling but I just feel the need to share somehow.
And I'm thinking of quitting much stuffs to do on it and I have too much stuffs. Friendster?check.Myspace?check.Facebook?check.
I seriously need help.

Cosmic_GurL said...

AJU - Yo thank yew ma sistah! Would love to meet u IRL too. Lepas raya la blh? ;)

akula - You write good stuff bro. Hard not to visit your blog. Keep the good stuff coming!

nour - I enjoy reading yours too ma sistah! Hope ull be celebrating the bday of your blog every year!

theta - Thanks darling!

UBA - Hahaha! Kalau kita buat pot luck mlm MU main, jgn haraplah si raven nak berborak. His eyes will be glued to the tv jer.

Yup, we should meet up. Best time is after raya. nanti kita plan something kay :) Thanks for being my new fwen dear

DNAS - LOL! Glamer jugak nama "pruplelillies" ni ek? Laa..pesal u delete? Ada stalker ke?

Eddy - LOL! Gobs la u! Yeah this facebook thing is good coz we can get in touch and send each other interesting "gift"..hahaha...

Will life ever suck in virtual world i wonder?

Ardy - Yup! It's been 2 years! Cant believe it either. Always a pleasure to have u as a visitor :)

Dzu - Kita celebrate kat Vichuda la nanti. Im not gonna think abt the lacy panties kay..i wanna eat in peace pls!

Okay okay, ill stop attacking your werewolf :)

Cosmic_GurL said...

katakbesar - Hey! ure on facebook too? ure in Eddy's list of friends huh?

east43St - Ure not missing out on anything. It doesnt make a difference when u started blogging bro. What matter is how long u can sustain it :)

tunku halim - Thanks. Hey! Im a huge horror flick/stories fan. maybe i will check out one of your books soon :)

thewalier- Awwww...thanks dear. Glad ure in my facebook too! Always a pleasure to have you here

Yus - Thanks darling. How's baby Zarin? Bilalah i nak dtg visit u and your baby ni? maybe lepas raya la kot

Camy - Thats becoz Javard is a huge fan of "you hubby" (perasan! :P) masa AF2. U can check out stories about Kaer in his previous blog too.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Dont la quit facebook :(

Inn said...

congrats!! (belated - i'm always like dat)

i love the fact that blogland not only brought new friends but sometimes help us get in touch with long-lost friends oso kan.

i miss reading kaisersoze very much!!!

cikPijah said...

yuhuuuu bebeh! see you saturday!

Miss Camy said...

Its true then. But the blog that I read was not blogspot. Its of blogcity. Got lots of Mr K's pics ;)
Ya la..I wont quit Facebook. I wanna be the Queen of Vampires too!! :P

gravtkills said...

epi burp day noh

Daddy & Mummy said...

baby zaHin la sis.. zaRin tu bapaknya.. hahahaha.. zahin sehat2 jer.. xper laa.. bebiler pon bule datang.. =)

Leen Ash Burn said...

Cik Puan,
Bila nak update?
Yaaa lepas posa kita karaoke!

taichee~@! said...

Happy Blogday Anni!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Inn - No least you wished :) Yeah i missed reading his blog sure he's in blogland somewhere under a different alias...heheehe..

pijah - yeah bebeh! u rawk!

camy - yup yup blogcity..thats why he changed to blogspot coz blogcity was gonna charge for blogs registered under it

gravtkills - Thank yew ya :P

Yus - Hahahaaha..sorry sorry! tersilap nama..tulah, nampaknyer mmg kena gi melawat ni..kalau tak i asyik panggil your baby nama bapak dia :P

Leen - Sat la..idea kontang ni..hehee..ure on! Let's bring the house down bebeh!

Anaz - thanks darling!

- guile - said...

happy 2nd b'day.

takkan tak terus update dahhh?

bile la nak jawab my tag? tu idea to blog.

update laa.. update laaaah. heheheheh....

- guile - said...

hrm.. did i tell you i tagged you again? ahahahah.. so, another idea for u to write.