Monday, June 30, 2008

Wedding Woes...The Aftermath...

Remember this?

Well, her second husband turns out to be a drunk. He comes home drunk almost every night, harasses the kids in the village and blasts the music loudly during Friday prayers. I head from another aunt that the neighbours are getting really angry with the guy.

My aunt should’ve checked out the guy’s background before marrying him. I know he was the love of her life a long, long time ago but people change. Obviously he was not the same person my aunt fell in love with years ago. Sigh. I pity her kids. Her eldest son doesn’t talk to her and only calls her when he wants his allowance and we suspect that the son is on drugs.

My only concern right now is my aunt and her youngest daughter. If he ever laid his hands on either one of them when he’s drunk, I will personally cut his balls off!