Monday, June 30, 2008

Wedding Woes...The Aftermath...

Remember this?

Well, her second husband turns out to be a drunk. He comes home drunk almost every night, harasses the kids in the village and blasts the music loudly during Friday prayers. I head from another aunt that the neighbours are getting really angry with the guy.

My aunt should’ve checked out the guy’s background before marrying him. I know he was the love of her life a long, long time ago but people change. Obviously he was not the same person my aunt fell in love with years ago. Sigh. I pity her kids. Her eldest son doesn’t talk to her and only calls her when he wants his allowance and we suspect that the son is on drugs.

My only concern right now is my aunt and her youngest daughter. If he ever laid his hands on either one of them when he’s drunk, I will personally cut his balls off!


ms istanbul said...


There are times when love makes us blind. Some of us choose to follow our heart, some prefer to be practical. There are times that we think we have made the right decision based on the available information.

When new information arises, then we slowly try to make a wiser choice. Of course we need other people to open up our eyes (in this case, probably you yeah? *winks*).

ps: cut the balls and feed to the dogs. *LOL*

katakbesar said...

jangan la sebut pasal cut ball
ngilu le... iskhhh

on a more serious note
well, no one could predict the future
life's a gamble
and love is definitely blind

life must go on..

The Pisces Man said...

Don't u just hate it when u r in a situation where people would come to u and say (openly or quietly), "I said so already.. u didn't want to listen."

If only we could predict the future, then we would have less headaches.

I think the best thing to do rite now is deal with the present issues. Guess being a Muslim is only by name since that can't prevent him from drinking. Your aunt sure need support from those she loves right now. Hopefully her children won't abandon her or fall into the category in my 1st paragraph.

Which balls does he have - tennis balls, poker balls or rugby balls? (joke)

Monster Mom said...

Why did he do that? To think of the unthinkable is just insane!
I can't imagine your aunt in this difficult situation....
God help her...

gravtkills said...

i hope better times are ahead for her

Lynn said...

I feel sorry for your aunt and the kids.

On the other hand, I know you're very capable of doing exactly what you said, ahaks!

Cosmic_GurL said...

MsIstanbul - I dont know if I'm the right person to talk to her. I dont know if she will listen to me.

KB - I went to a wedding last night and the MC made a joke. He said, marriage is for ppl who are in love and love is blind. Therefore marriage is the institution for people who are blind. Say what?? Maybe there's some truth in it...

sometimes the truth is right in front of u but u choose to ignore the warning signs..

TPM - Tak kuasa I nak check which balls! LOL!
On a more serious note, yeah i dont think anyone wants an "I told u so" thrown at their face. If u wanna say it then u better come up with a damn good solution for the problem...

MM - I have no idea why he did what he did...dahlah umur 60 plus! I really kesian my aunt...sigh..

GK - For her sake and for the children's sake I hope so too!

Lynn - U know me too well! :P

trueblue said...

"I will personally cut his balls off"...Haha..that would be a sight.

He's 60 plus? Gosh!

kawaii_desu said...

CG, this is no longer about being blind... it's losing your rationale...

tell her not wait for something bad to happen 2 her or the daughter b4 any actions r being taken...

Anonymous said...


thats very tragic!

cud only offer my sympathy. Did anyone talk to the guy when he is sober?

anyway...if u happened to cut his balls make sure u rebus and make him eat it hehehe...joke joke ajer..


Cosmic_GurL said...

trueblue - Yup, this is wht u call "tua tak sedar diri"!

KD - Havent told my dad (her bro) yet. He will flip if he finds out.

RDB - He would prolly deny it anyways...rebus it? Blergh! Hehehe