Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Of Effing Idiot and A Crappy Drama

You know what's annoying? I'll tell you what's annoying.

You're in a restaurant with a bunch of friends. Then you ordered the food and wait for it to come. Food came for everyone. Then one person tasted her food and found that it was not that nice or it tasted like crap. Then this person would actually offer the not so nice food to her friends to taste to affirm that it is in fact not nice. I mean come on! If it's not nice then why the heck would you want to offer it to other people to taste? Just simply say, "Ladies, next time dont order this dish. It tastes like crap" would suffice.

What is it with people and the need to have affirmation? If you say your food is crap, trust me, I'll believe you. You dont need my opinion to affirm how crappy the food is. Plus it's not polite to offer crappy food to people. Tak belajar manners ke?
Oh and what's up with Mel "Psycho" Gibson? Has he gone mental?! The things that is spewing out of his mouth is pure filth! I got sick to my stomach listening to this audio of him fighting with Oksana on the phone. He needs to be admitted to a mental institution la. Psycho! And to think I used to idolise him especially after the movie Braveheart! Sheesh!

One more thing, I do watch malay dramas okay. I am not ashame to admit that (can ask my husband). But I am ashame to call "Duyung Aridinata" a malaysian product. The script macam sampah and merepek nak mampos. So sayang coz the dramas has the possibility of being a good fantasy drama. I sat through Dendam Orang Minyak, Sayang Cendana and even Siong but nothing compares to this Duyung drama man. Tony Eusoff as the Papa Duyung has the most ridiculous lines and I am dreading the scenes with Fasha Sandha. And to think that I've only seen 2 episodes!! I dont know how this drama can get better and I'm afraid to watch and find out and waste 1 hour of my life. Sigh.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Lovely July

World Cup is over and Spain was the champion. Yay! Better Spain than the Neanderthals. As you can see I am still upset with the Neanderthals for kicking Brazil out of the WC so obviously I would support Spain in the finals. They played better anyway.
I watched Eclipse last weekend and thought it was corny as hell! But, I love the corniness of it all and that they actually followed the book! Sigh...I am still in team Edward but damn that Jacob is hawt on screen! If anyone read the book they would soooo be on team Edward okay. Those who are on team Jacob actually tidak menghayati the book sepenuhnya and terpengaruh dengan body 6 packs Taylor Lautner. Muahahaha!
I thought Kristen Stewart sucked as Bella. That girl cant act I tell you! No emotions at all. She can't even fake a cry! So kayu! Wahai Mr. Director, I personally think I can act better than her and I will rock as Bella. Hehehe..Seriously, this is like the 3rd movie already and Kristen's acting has NOT improved at all.
We have 3 mommies-to-be at the office and today we're organising a baby shower for all of them. I want a baby shower too coz I want presents! Hehehe..emo kejap.
I have 2 weddings to go to this weekend. I am running out of baju kurungs to wear lah.
Fasting month is around the corner. You guys dah ganti puasa?
There is no water in the toilet at my office. Smart building la sangat sampai takder air! Sheesh!
I cant wait till end of the month because my friends and I are going to Redang! Wooohoo! Sand, sea and sun! Hehehe..cant wait to go snorkelling. Cepatlah skit end of the month. I need a holiday!