Monday, November 14, 2005

Chickies Galore!!

After reading my post on “Msia’s Most Beautiful Woman” one of my dearest friend who also happens to be my colleague asked me how come I didn’t mention in my blog any of my other colleagues who are very goojas as well. Ladies, you know how beautiful you are to me and how important your friendship means to me. I am so grateful to have such wonderful colleagues. They keep me sane and keep my stress level to a minimum. So to all you chickies, remember this? I love you guys :-)

Budak kechik (bukan nama sebenar) - big lovely eyes , your ladylike and organized ways, very sweet features, knack of dressing, lovely lovely skin and eyes, your odie-ness but yet wifely and motherly ways.. and you can come up with very wise comments when we least expect you to!! lovely pixie like features and ability to eat yet not store any amount of fat.

Sinaran chick (bukan nama sebenar) - smile and her cheekbones , tersipu-sipuness , comel when excited, you are very understanding and forgiving (i really admire that), your vast vocab and your lil round tush! oh, fa, i think you're a smart shopper! lovely hair, very smart and ability to eat yet not store any amount of fat.

Mummy-C (bukan nama sebenar) - sharp feature and yr eyes , you're a hot mama babe!, very confident , you always crack me up with your quick wits, dedication towards your children and things you love, nice features, nice face, nice smile! beautiful face, caring mummy-ly ;-)

Pinky (bukan nama sebenar) - her smile ,smile and cute laugh , friendliness , silky hair , your innocence, positive attitude, you actually like doing sports and your sweet sweet smile..

Booby Kenooby (bukan nama sebenar) - her lembutness and wits , wit and laugh , niceness, your thick hair (even Hood has said, you have really nice thick hair) , alluring , one woman that oozes sex appeal, smart and so manja.. funny woman

Daida (bukan nama sebenar) - very demure and ladylike , lemah-lembutness and no-nonsense way when she talks things she, fashion etc. , her knowledge in fashion , lemah gemalai , shopaholic!!! hahahahaa , friendliness and great social skills

Bananarama (bukan nama sebenar) - wits and cute button-nose ,way you walk.... also like your dressing, and it's also cute when you don't know some malay words ;-) , nice slim fingers , witty, witty, witty, your hair, flawless skin and nice slender figure! *sigh* , slender and slim and flawless face!!!

Yours truly (hahaha…im not like one of the perasan women in the reality tv show okay) - direct and honest and the garangness!;) i like your eyes, she keeps me safe from evil beings ;) your wits, warmth, openness, friendliness, someone whom i know i could up in the middle of the nite to talk to... and your beautiful silky brown hair! direct yet caring and funny ;-)


Javard said...

yeah yeah...u r officially a blogger. how come im not listed under most beautiful

Cosmic_GurL said...

Hahahaha..javard! Me beautiful? No lah...cute maybe but not beautiful...hehehe

Mirage said...

Awwww....we love you too dear :-) Javard, if you are listed as most beautiful, I'd be worried!