Friday, November 11, 2005

Beautiful My Arse!

You’re Beautiful, It’s True…

I watched a new reality tv show on 8tv at 9.30 pm last nite and it’s called Malaysia’s Most Beautiful Women and all I can say is “OHMYGOD!” Some of the women were way too “perasan” to be in a competition like this. Imagine saying this in a competition where someone will choose you as the most beautiful woman in Msia,
“I have no problem being nasty. I don’t have to be nice all the time coz hey this is a competition and I wanna win!!!”

Like Helloooooooo!! A beautiful woman wouldn’t give such remark coz you are supposed to be beautiful on the outside AND inside as well. Inner beauty counts goddammit! It might as well be just another beauty contest if you want to measure how beautiful a person is just by the way they look.
I have so many beautiful friends and I don’t know why they’re not in the competition. Let’s take Inas for example. She is the sweetest and the most thoughtful person I’ve ever met. She’s only got nice things to say abt people and oh did I mention she’s the sweetest person ever! What about Aizan? Dear, dear wonderful thoughtful, caring, smart beautiful Aizan, who has done more charity work than all these 15 women combined. Oh How can I ever forget Lolyta!!! Sweet, kind, gorgeous Lolyta. Another good candidate would be Zarina who is soft-spoken, eloquent and a very classy lady I have to say. Why? Why aren’t you wonderful ladies in the competition? You ladies would win hands down!

People say tht beauty is only skin deep. Yet, I’m smart enough to know that it isn’t true. Who cares if you’ve adopted 15 kids who has been infected with the HIV virus or went on a rescue mission to Iraq coz if u ain’t nice to look at then people won’t give you the attention you so rightly deserve. Even one of the judges, Yasmin Yusoff did say that the women must at least be beautiful on the outside for them to be crowned as Msia’s Most Beautiful Woman. Seriously, some of these women looked like a bimbo!! It’s an embarrassment! To me personally, I think there must be certain standards that you have to set before you give out the title Most Beautiful Woman to someone. It’s not something to be taken lightly. She must deserve it.

To all these women on the show, I’ve only one thing to say. No doubt it is a competition but don’t let people see you behaving like a brat on national television. They were showing preview on the next episode and some of these women were already bickering and fighting among each other! Where is the honour in that? Is that how a so-called “beautiful” woman should behave? I guess we have to tune in next week to find out …

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