Friday, October 10, 2008

Of Kek Lapis and Lemenet Overdose

Someone told me that “sheep go to heaven and goats go to hell”. I don’t know why he suddenly blurted it out to me. I swear that line was from a song but I can’t remember what song it was. Why indeed do sheep go to heaven and goats go to hell?
Why do people get sick right after Hari Raya? Most of my family members inclusive of hubby (though I think his is more of “demam rindu” than anything else) and my colleagues and friends are having fever and flu, headache and/or cough. Too much unhealthy food you think?
I had a pleasant raya in Kuching.
I’ve never seen so many kek lapis before, in different colours and shapes. I've tasted ALL of them. Cannot resist la. When I see the nice colours and shapes of the cakes, I feel like I just have to taste them. Hehehe...Just don't ask me what they're called coz I don't know. I only know a few like Horlicks Chocolate and Ati Parek.

I also drank this bottled soda drink called “lemenet”. Don’t ask me why it’s called that. I asked hubby and he too doesn’t know. He said everyone called it lemenet since like forever.
Check out the size of the pulut panggang. Giler huge kan? This was taken at Pasar Satok.

Hubby's mom makes the best laksa sarawak. Hubby had polished off 3 big bowls of it!

Another sarawak delicacy. Acar cicah with keropok. I was jakun at first coz usually you cicah keropok with chili sauce but this one cicah with acar. Once I've tried it, I was hooked. It was really good!

Guess what they sell at the shop? Hehehehe...You'd be surprised....

So how was YOUR Hari Raya?


Ms B said...


is there a kek lapis competition???? My goodness! The variety that they have over there.

also the pulut panggang looks like mini lemang to me. *LOL* Giler kenyang!

And I have no clue whats the last entertain.

Inn said...

i wont be able to resist those kek lapis. gosh.. so many colors and patterns.

lemenet = originated from lemonade kot? hehe.

taichee~@! said...

1. I told you so Babe!
2. You didn;t across Kek Lapis Cadbury kaaa? That to me was the YUMMIEST!
3. Your MIL laksa sawak looks so good i am salivating at the moment
4. i envy you! I haven't even tasted that kopok cicah acar! Mana maok beli? :D
5. the last pic I guess, they are selling KUKU = Fake nails? hey where is this place anyho?

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

kek lapis galore !!

Amy said...

the lemenet tu kalau kat kampung i, panggil ayaq in air menet. Mmg since forever panggil camtu. Jelesnya tengok all the kek lapis.. yummyy

j or ji said...

me also demam on the third raya due to makan tak ingat on the first n second raya and also bcuz its a trend.


akula said...

Nail me good? Do tell, please....

katakbesar said...

lama tak jengok
so here i am

celamat hari raya
and maaf zahir batin

east43street said...

Mak oi.... besarnya pulut panggang. Dah macam saiz lemang je.

Glad you had a good Hari Raya.

Cosmic_GurL said...

MsB - Nope, not a competition. Sarawakians are very proud of their kek lapis. Thus they will serve as many kek lapis as they could during raya. Theyre very generous that way :)
Yeah I was shocked too when i saw the pulut panggang!

inn - I pun at first tot it was lemonade but my husb corrected my spelling and said it it spelt "lemenet"...hehehe..go figure!

taichee - No, tak jumpa the cadbury one. We bought the acar from my MIL's neighbour. U nak ke? I dont know whether she still sells them after raya. I can find out for you if u really nak beli the acar.
This shop sells dvd! Hehehe...this is near my SIL's house..alamak, i pun tak sure kat mana :P

CPMS - Yup, in all its glory! How was yr raya?

Amy - Oooohh u mean they sell the drink here as well?? I tak penah nampak kat kl...the kek lapis mmg yummy Amy!

jorji - Ha'ah, mkn tak ingat dunia namanyer..hehehe

akula - they sell CDs and DVDs believe it or not :)

katakbesar - Tulah, ingatkan u hilang terus..hehehe

E43St - Tulah! I said the same thing! Are u back in KL already?

Monster Mom said...

I tried lots of kek lapis at my friend's house just like the ones in the pics... It was sooo delicious! My fav was kek lapis cheese...

Tringin nak makan keropok with acar..

The Yoga Instructor said...


I rasa 'lemenet' itu derived dari Lemonade, tak?

east43street said...

A'ah, dah balik dah. Adjusting in a very hard time.

Cosmic_GurL said...

MonsterMom - Mmg yummylixious I tell you..I lvoe the Horlicks Choc one..hehehe..the Cheese Choc pun sedap..

TYI - I thought the same thing too but my hubby said no it's not from lemonade...weird kan?

East43St - Kayuh pelan-pelan...InsyaAllah things will get better :) Hows your family adjusting to the change?

Theta said...

Haven't tried that acar with keropok. Must try it one of these days.

By the way, have you tried that fruit called Engkalak? It has the taste of avocado. It is eaten with rice and other lauk-pauk.

I have yet to muster the courage to try it. Maybe during my next trip. Hehe.

As for people's tendency to fall sick, I attribute it, more often than not, to a shock to their system after one month of abstinence :)

pugly said...

“Sheep go to heaven and goats go to hell”? Apsal lak? Sebab sheep is cute & fluffy, & goats tak mandi izzit?

Cosmic_GurL said...

theta - I cant say ive tried engkalak before..must ask hubby to show me the fruit when we go back to Kuch again

pugly - Hahaha..maybe la kot..oh it's actually a title of a song from the group's called "Sheep go to heaven"...

The Pisces Man said...

What are they selling lah? Snails?

Anyway, kek lapis S'wak is expensive right..?

For laksa's, I just lurvee Laksa Johore and Sarawak.

How much is that pulut panggang that size?

So, how do we pronounce lemenet? As in like Monet or senget? Hehe...

D.N.A.S said...

I also thought nailmegood is a Nail bar.
Hey, my senior is now selling Kek lapis Sarawak in Kota Warisan, Sepang. She's a Sarawakian.

Her URL is randau dot net.

Can order Kek lapis Sarawak all year round.

Cosmic_GurL said...

TPM - They sells dvd..hehehe..Yeah kek lapis is quite pricey but I guess it has to be that way because it's not easy to make. I didnt ask the price of the pulut panggang. I was traumatised just by looking at the size! LOL!
You pronounced it like this "LAY-MER-NATE"

DNAS - Kek Lapis all year round??? Kewl! Hehehe..thanks for the url ya :)

Valisa said...

whoa sher!!! I had some kek lapis too but no laksa sarawak oh sungguh kesal!
In Sabah and Sarawak all fizzy drinks are called lemenet. I was so surprised to find out that in Holland, they call all fizzy drinks li-mo-na-de--> pronounced as spelt. I never saw the bottles you've featured. Sungguh klasik!

oh yes sheep go to heaven is indeed Cake's song- one of my favourite bands ;-)

Nour said...

oh wow, I bet the kek lapis taste as good as how they look. Cantik and very mengancam...:)