Monday, March 06, 2006

7 Deadly Sins...

Got tagged by the babelicious Shopper Mom...

Envy:Very High

Discover Your Sins - Click Here

Answer these questions:-

1. Greed - What Luxury item did you last buy?

Would my car, Alfie be considered a luxury item? I know it’s not a Jag or a Lexus but poket koyak jugak!

2. Gluttony - What is your favorite food?

Mashed potatoes at Chillis...yummers…And anything with chicken in it.

3. Wrath - What makes you angry?

  • Drivers who take their own sweet time on the road and drivers who don’t give signals when they wanna cut in plus drivers who dont even have the courtesy to raise their hands when they're cutting queue! GRRRRR!!!
  • People who bumped into you and never even say “I’m sorry” or “Excuse me”…in other words, rude people!
  • Salesperson who follows you around like you're going to steal the clothes or something! Sheesh!
  • People who are tardy!! At least call if you're going to be late.

4. Sloth - When are you at your laziest?

Between 7-7.30 a.m. everyday and on Sundays…oh and also when my mom asked me to help her cook. Super-duper lazy man!

5. Envy - What brings the green-eyed monster in you?

I envy these people but not in a bad way kay…heheh...

  • People who owns beach houses
  • People who eats everything but doesn’t seem to gain any weight at all
  • People who has got such lovely voices...i've always wanted a voice like them opera singers!
  • Angelina Jolie coz she's such a gorgeous woman and a humanitarian at that too! Plus she gets to wake up every morning beside Brad Pitt. What more can you ask for huh?

  • 6. Lust - What / who do you lust after

    Brad Pitt, enuff said!

    7. Pride - What are you most proud of?

    My wonderful family, the boyfriend for being such a gem and the fact that I have so many wonderful friends around me. You know who you
are darlings :-)

Who will be my victims next?
  • Lolyta
  • Sunshine
  • Alex
  • Athena
  • Anaz
  • Izreen
  • Have fun doing it ya'all!


    ygraine said...

    hi! bloghopping! =)

    [Is]landa said...

    i cant believe u only got a medium for wrath.
    ur graph should have terkeluar carta ok!

    [Is]landa said...

    i cant believe u only got a medium for wrath.
    ur graph should have terkeluar carta ok!

    zuhri said...

    angelina jolie? hmm...jessica alba lagi best...ahaks

    Cosmic_GurL said...

    Ygraine - Welcome :-)

    Ylanda - Hahahahaha...Gee, I wonder what gave me away. Not everything makes me angry la babe..certain things jer

    Zuhri - Both pun best lah but Jolie is with Pitt u know so she won hands down! Hehehe

    Freak & Geek said...

    gal, me like brad pitt very2 much. me wanna be like jolie too.
    do u think i can beat jolie in 'any' way, so that i can have pitt to me, myself and i?
    nyeh.. nyeh.. nyeh..
    well, juz a tot...(sigh)

    Javard said...

    hey cosmic girl..wah lama gua tak ade masuk....knew all these while ure still lusting for me...wassup...we have to meet up ah...been a very bad friend these past two weeks....only recovering from banyak keje....

    cikPijah said...

    eleh! lust medium konon! podah!
    then medium for wrath! pirrrah!! buat balik!!! tipu ni!

    Angel Eyes said...

    angie is definitely the number 1 choice so far... and yes, now i'm starting to fancy mister pitt... but fancy jer from a distance! hehe

    trueblue said... like brad pitt too..can share or not? *grin*

    Cosmic_GurL said...

    FnG - Hep!! Ive no doubt you can be like Jolie but hands off Brad Pitt! He's all mine!!! :p

    Javard - Tahu pun uve been neglecting your friends! Lust after you? Cheh!Heheheh

    Cik Pijah - Muahhahahahah! Wei I tak tipulah! believe me cik pijah, I pun nak my Lust tu very very high but wht to do? The questions were not enticing enuff! Hehehhe

    Angeleyes - Fancy from a distance can! Hehehe..Jolie is hot kan?

    Trueblue - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Hehehe...Kaylah, can la..sharing is caring kan? But u can only have him 2 days in a week kay :p

    Shopper Mom said...

    yes, a new car no matter how much is costs is a luxury.

    cayang tul ngan bf dia tu ya... ;)
    wedding nanti jgn lupa jemput ya.

    Cosmic_GurL said...

    Shopper Mom - Mestilah sayang...if sayang Brad Pitt pun no point, clap one hand only :p Hehehe..Insyaallah jemput...My goodness, if I invite all the bloggers, I kena buat kenduri kat Stadium Bkt Jalil!LOL!

    Angel Eyes said...

    and you should invite me to your majlis berinai also ok? coz i wanna 'experiment' those inai la, bleh tak?


    Cosmic_GurL said...

    Angeleyes - Ack! I dont think got majlis berinai all la my dear. Im gonna have my wedding as simple as possible...hopefully :)