Thursday, March 16, 2006

10 Ways To Date Online Successfully

Seeing that I met the boyfriend online, I felt compelled to share some tips on Ways to Date Online Successfully. I am NOT saying I’m an expert la but I thought these tips were quite good and useful, for MEN especially.
Number 1 – Be Patient

The main thing to keep in mind is that an online relationship usually moves slower than conventional courtships. Therefore, you may want to hold off on asking her out.

If you feel as though you've struck gold with a certain someone, don't get overly excited. Read: don't fill up her inbox with notes and poems that express your admiration, and please don't jump at her the minute she logs on. Let the woman get situated; you're probably not the only reason she's turning on the computer.

Always Be A Gentleman. Although you're dating under a different context, a date is still a date, which means that regardless of the circumstances, you have to know what you're doing. Women will still judge you on your looks, interests, and how polite you are; distance should not deter you from being a gentleman.
Number 2 – Don’t Limit Yourself

Keep all your options open; don't disregard profiles without pictures. Your initial priority should be finding someone with similar likes and interests. Once you introduce yourself, she'll probably be more forthcoming with a photo anyway. But don't wait too long before asking; looks matter somewhat, and you don't want to find out at the last minute that she's the antithesis of what you're looking for.

Number 3 – Add A Personal Touch

A great way to stand out from the rest is to leave a personal mark on all correspondence. Whether it's by signing off in a certain way (using your full name or a nickname she may have given you) or ending on a personal note tailored specifically for her, don't just key in your file number when signing off. You're trying to develop a rapport with this woman, and that means reminding her that there is an actual human being who's interested in her on the other end.

Number 4 – Be Mysterious

The lack of physical interaction in online relationships
means there's a lot less information she's getting from you, so use that to your advantage. Don't type scads of information; instead, be informative while withholding certain pieces of the puzzle. For example, go ahead and mention that you're a real romantic, but don't divulge any specifics as to how you plan on wowing her. Intrigue her all the more!

Number 5 – Don’t Be a Cliché

Originality is key, so stay away from the more generic descriptions, as they have been ridiculously overused. No woman will be interested in a guy that likes "long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and champagne and strawberries." Speak from the heart; simplicity and honesty will take you a lot further in the end.

Since neither of you have body language to feed off of, try as much as possible to use colorful language when expressing your enthusiasm for a given topic. Women love it when guys pay attention to detail, so you may want to express yourself using plenty of adjectives (hint: replace "yeah... that's cool," with "yes, I read a book on that by so-and-so last year").

Number 6 – Use an Original Screen Name

Your screen name will likely be the first thing women see when sifting through candidates, so make sure yours is simple and easy to remember (e.g. Zuhri K, Alex Y.). Of course, this is not the time to become absurdly creative; calling yourself "Pimpdaddy6969" will likely kill any chances of landing someone who isn't a complete pervert, or hooker.

Number 7 – Don’t Allude To Sex

Remember, the same rules apply when it's an online romance. So unless you're looking solely for a one-night stand, postpone your more intimate disclosures until you actually meet. It's okay to flirt and dish out a double entendre here and there, just don't make it obvious that your hormones are on the verge of exploding.

And although communicating via hardware may tempt you into getting a little more "raw" with your prospect, keep things on the down low. Inviting her to continue your conversation
in a private chatroom is one thing, asking her to meet you on a "horny housewives" message board is quite another.

Number 8 – Be Realistic

In noting your long-term intentions, steer clear of anything remotely linked to marriage or children. You have yet to meet the woman, and you don't want to scare her before you even meet her (or worse, attract a "marriage-obsessed" psycho). Just say that you're looking for a friend, not the future mother of your children.

Number 9 – Proofread Your Profile

Among the cyber "turnoffs," nothing is worse than a person who doesn't bother to proofread those few lines before clicking "Send." If a resume typo could cost you a potential job, imagine what a few misplaced letters can do to your online love life
. Do you want a potential mate to think you have the grammatical abilities of a 12-year-old?

Number 10 – Post a Good Picture

Before you even start to think about possible topics of conversation, have to make sure you have an eye-catching profile, one that flaunts your better side and leaves prospective suitors wanting more.

And please have the common sense to attach a decent picture of yourself; most women are looking for a mature and dignified man. So while a shot of you and your buddies on one of your tequila binges may seem funny to you, there's a good chance you'll be staring at a blank screen for a long time.

p/s : I know people say looks shouldnt matter but hey, in the real world it wouldnt hurt to look like Brad Pitt


Freak & Geek said...

sher sis, kudos! awesome entry. good tips for men out there. and for me too. *wink*
btw, pitt is so freaking hot. Those abs.. drool2.. I fell in love with him since i was 15. That is like how many years ago? I dun care. He's mine!


9 said...

there is a 'horny housewives' chatroom? where? where?

*rubbing hands with glee*

Desparil said...


skali jumpa your missus there.. how?

superdzu said...

abang brad is so hot!
meleleh air liur tgk dia.

informative entry...
but i dah give up in online relationships.
a big dissapointment for me so far.
cannot tahan with guys yg secretive sgt.
u r one lucky girl...coz dpt jumpa your perfect match online.
: )

zuhri said...

eh, me jadi contoh? tq..tq...yes, when i wanted to go online, i thought hard how to represent myself. i decided to just use my own name since i got nothing to hide and i don't intend to do anything harmful. besides, when i use my own name, it's a self-regulation that i don't mess up with people coz' i could easily be traced (just google my name). besides, honesty is always the best policy :).

Cosmic_GurL said...

FnG - Hep!!! Get in line kay. Hehehe...The idea came from AskMen.Com...just made minor amendments to the article :)

9 - OMG!! I can see the air liur meleleh-leleh! Wipe your mouth, boy! :p

Des - LOL! Baru padan muka dia if his wife happens to chat there

Superdzu - Ni lagi sorang..wipe your mouth of yrs, woman! Ala darling, smtimes we meet the love of our life at places whre we least expect to find them. In the meantime be thankful that ure surrounded by good friends :)

Zuhri - Oh mestilah..U big brader mah. I totally agree with you. But I think for ppl like Mr. Hobo, it's better for him to remain anonymous for fear of being slapped silly by women all over KL bcoz of wht he wrote previously :p

vic said...

Practical advice for the guys. The same will apply to the women too. But over the years of exposure to chat environments, me thinks the most important rule of any online relationships would be....
Dont get swept off your feet before you actually meet the other person in the real world or at the very least via webcam.


cikPijah said...

brad pitt is so hot ok.

i'm printing this out utk wat pedoman! hehehe.. wht's next che'gu?

KaiserSoze said...

hehe..good tip there, should I go cyber hunting now?hehehhe

p/s: you are giving away womenfolks trade secrets you know?

Cosmic_GurL said...

Vic - Yup. It applies to women as well but men usually need more guidance. Hehehe..

CikPijah - Yer murid2...hafal kay, esok ada kuiz. Tak dpt jawab siap! Rotan 567 kali! :p

Kaisersoze - Hehehe..Shall I direct you to "HornyBabes" or "GadisGersang" chatrooms?

p/s ; Sharing is caring :p

princesswaffzonkle said...

But they always end up ketot.

Cosmic_GurL said...

Princess - Hahahahahhahaa...thts why before anything must ask how tall they are my dear gurL!

Angel Eyes said...

online dating tu menarik ke?

brad pitt? sure he's not enough but can't handle him laa... as i'm hot enufff!

Ssshhh.... am so vain!

Javard said...

cg- lets say i know how it feels to be brad pitt...ehem ehem...

still dont have a good photo to post....bukan mcm gambar friendster u yg sexy mexy...

Shopper Mom said...

owh.. my eyes!! brad's pecks and abs are to DIE FOR. exactly what i'm lusting for. *drool lagi*

Cosmic_GurL said...

Javard - Ciss! Tak abis2 perasan. Ure feeling better I suppose :)
Xcuse me!! Uve nvr seen my friendster pic kay. Mana tau sexeh?Hahahahaha

ShopperMom - Wipe that drool off woman!! Heheh..Join the club. We all lust after him!

Cosmic_GurL said...

Angeleyes - Aik? Buat2 tak tahu yer pasal online dating. Heheheh...

kepala_angin said...

online dating, i guess have to be open minded and just remember no pain no gain eh.

all the best kepada yg nak mencuba.