Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bad Girls vs. Good Girls

There's an old joke that goes: Good girls say, "No;" bad girls ask, "When?"

It's the classic dichotomy for the male psyche -- madonna vs. whore, Mary Ann vs. Ginger, housewife vs. ho, homebody vs. party girl. Which of the two is better?

The Pamela Andersons of the world will always instantly arouse men, but inside they know they could never tame -- much less trust -- a female like this. Instinctively they seek out more normal, down-to-earth women when they’re thinking of marriage and children.

Still, it's a problem that never goes away. Men want the best of both worlds: a princess on the street and a whore in the bedroom. Someone who is nice and treats them with respect, yet who acts like a wildcat in heat between the sheets. So just what are the advantages and disadvantages of dating bad girls and good girls? And is it possible to somehow combine the two types into one perfect woman?

First, let's look at some of the qualities embodied by the Bad Girl:
  • the goods on the bad girl
She's fun
She can party all night, drink herself into a stupor and still get up the next day and be ready for more. She'll laugh and flirt, and make you feel like a man.

She's exciting
Bad girls are walking adrenaline rushes. For her, life is a roller coaster ride, and it'll get your blood singing just to be along for the trip. Bad girls never have time for introspection or depression -- they're too busy grabbing the world by the horns.

She craves sex
The bad girl loves men and makes no bones about it. She's more than happy to fulfill any fantasy you can dream up. She's the kind who will tear up the sheets while she's screaming out her seventh orgasm in a row (you'll feel like you're the king of the sexual world). And you won't have to deal with any head games -- she's more than happy to seduce you 24/7.

She's eye candy
Bad girls are usually very attractive with jaw-dropping figures -- the ultimate "hot babes." They know how to walk the walk and strut their stuff. They get off on being the center of male attention. A bad girl loves plunging necklines, bare midriffs, high heels, skirts hemmed at mid-thigh, strapless anything, and sexy lingerie (if she wears any underwear at all).

She ups your status
When you have a stunner like this on your arm, all other men are jealous and women are intrigued, and immediately your stud rating soars into the stratosphere. You'll be the stuff of legends when you regale your buddies with tales from your bedroom.
  • the bads on the bad girl
She's untrustworthy
All men want her and she knows it, and she's definitely a serial flirter. Because she's such a sexual animal, she's apt to seduce anyone who strikes her fancy, so you shouldn't expect a bad girl to be loyal.

She's dangerous
She's the type who will go 100 in a 30 mph zone just because she likes the rush. She may be into drugs or excessive alcohol consumption. She's spontaneous, unpredictable and wild.

She makes a bad partner
Bad girls are extremely self-obsessed and selfish. They think about one person: themselves. They're extravagant and will spend their last dime on themselves. They don't settle down comfortably. For these reasons, they usually make lousy wives and mothers, and rarely survive lifelong relationships.

She is expensive
No low-maintenance here -- from day one she'll be looting your wallet for expensive meals, trips and jewelry. The typical bad girl sets a very high price on the use of her vagina, and if you don't want to cough up the cash, there'll be plenty of guys panting in the wings to pay her price.
  • the goods on the good girl
She's wholesome and nice
A good girl is rarely bitchy or "empowered." (i beg to differ. I know few good gurls who can be a bitch when they have to. It's nothing personal really) She's pleasant to be around and has a positive attitude toward life. She'll go out of her way to help you or take care of you when you're sick, and when problems arise, she'll discuss them calmly, instead of flying into a rage or screaming at you just because you're a "man."

She's a clean slate
With her limited sexual experience, a good girl doesn't have a lot of men to compare you to and won't expect you to be a world-class lover.

She's unlikely to cheat on you
Good girls tend to be homebodies, not party girls. Because she doesn't present herself in the same sexually-alluring manner that a bad girl does, you won't have to worry about a lot of other guys coming on to her. A good girl wants to find the one true love of her life and stay with him until death do them part, instead of seducing half the male population before she gets too old.

She's often your best friend
She genuinely enjoys your company and gives back to you as much as she takes. When you're gone, she misses you; when you're at home, she showers you with attention (my gawd! does this type of woman really exist?).

She's easier on finances
Good girls can rate low on the maintenance scale -- they're much more likely to share dating expenses (just because it's the right thing to do), and if you get married, she'll happily throw her paycheck in with yours to pay the mortgage and bills (errr..your money is my money and my money is MY money..heheh). She makes a good wife & mother The typical good girl is practical, down-to-earth and nurturing. She loves children. She usually comes from a good family and wants to carry on those family values in her own life.
  • the bads on the good girl
She's about as exciting as vanilla
Since she'd rather stay at home reading a book than go out partying, life with a good girl can be a bit uneventful.

She can be a sexual dud
Good girls are often boring in bed, either from lack of experience or lack of desire. Sex with her is predictable. She rarely inspires lust and will probably wait for her man to initiate lovemaking. This can leave the typical guy very unfulfilled, his gaze straying toward that bad girl over there with the unfettered nipples and the long wraparound legs.

She's fashionably comfortable
She wears her hair pulled back and little make-up. She prefers sweats and tennis shoes to mini skirts and pumps. Oftentimes, you can forget about thong underwear.
  • the good to bad…
So the question remains: Which one should you choose? The obvious answer is that the perfect woman would embody the best of both of these types -- the niceness and loyalty of the good girl and the sexual abandon of the bad girl.

While such women may exist naturally out there, it's more likely that, to achieve this ideal, you'll have to train a good girl to be bad (because there's no way a bad girl is going to be good).


Well, this may not be an easy task, because many good girls have been brainwashed by mom or school into thinking that "bad" is inherently wrong. So the trick is to encourage her natural sexuality. Make her comfortable with sex. Romance her. Tell her how sexy she is when she seduces you or fulfills your fantasies -- or how satisfying it is to fulfill hers. Let her understand that great sex between the two of you can create an awesome bond, and that it is -- ultimately -- "good."

So while bad girls can be exciting, they're usually only worth it in the short term. If you can find a good girl and turn her into a sexual animal, you may just have found the perfect woman. And pretty soon, your good girl may be asking, "When?"

-Matthew Fitzgerald, the author of Sex-Ploytation-

p/s : Somehow I think Malaysian girls are mostly "good". Hehehe...and for the record, there's no harm in being a lil bit naughty :)


marriedwithsex said...

This is a far too black and white, there are many many 'cross breeds'

Freak & Geek said...

i'm in between. neither good, nor bad.

so how??

still acceptable for m'sian men, rite?


Cosmic_GurL said...

MWS - But of course! Think msians are in the cross breeds category :)

FnG - Ure a darling! Any msian men should be lucky to have u :)

Angel Eyes said...

awwwww.. ermm.... aaahhh.. oooh, la, la...

what can i say more? maybe i'm in between i guess.. :p

cikPijah said...

eh.. baper % naughty baru leh qualify jadi bad girl? kena blajar jadi both la camni. nak jadi good girl tak layak rasanye.. nak jadi bad girl laaaaagggiiii tak layak!!.. hihihihi..

f&G!! ajo pls! how to be in between?

Cosmic_GurL said...

Angeleyes - U sure or not? Sat na I nak tanya yr bf whether uve been notty or nice. Hehehehe...

cikpijah - I can teach u oso pijah. Tapi ada upah la. Kena belanja kuewteow HQ kat Hartamas can? :p

superdzu said...

eh count me in!
i pun can belanja you kuewteow you know...

so i heard you're going to spore for coldplay?
jadi ke?
dlm your luggage ada space tak for me?
kekeke said...

*tak tau nak masuk kategori mane*

eh sis,y ah most guys dump their bad girlfriend for a good girl when they're thinking of settling down?

x aci lah..:(

Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

i good girl.

ha ha.

Cosmic_GurL said...

superdzu - Caaann...since pijah belanja kuewteow u belanja I air tembikai gelas giant tu bleh? Ahaks!
Yup! Mmg plan to go to Spore for the concert. Since u are very de small i think can la kot smuggle u in my bag :)

tiena - My dear, men can be jerks sometimes. Not all men but most of them. They will marry good gurls but they will also have affairs with bad girls after they get married. The trick is to be in between *wink*

Cik PMS - Hehehehe..Im sure u are ;P

cikPijah said...

kueyteow hartamas.. no problem.. small matter. abis blajar ni dpt cert tak?

Cosmic_GurL said...

Setakat kuewteow takkan nak cert kot? Lain la kalau belanja kat Chilis ke..ahaks!

[Is]landa said...

good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to amsterdam.

Stupe said...

actually...most goodgirl are badgirl inside..and most badgirl are goodgirl in disguise...

so, you see, there is still hope to get 2 in 1.


i think i watched too much Pink MTV la..

Cosmic_GurL said...

Ylanda - Hahahaha..ive heard tht in some...what ah?

stupe - Oooohhh...i like how u think :p

Cosmic_GurL said...

Ylanda - I meant I heard that in one movie but cant remember wht movie it was...

Shopper Mom said...

it sounds like the good girl is B.O.R.I.N.G...
in this case, i want to be BAD la. hehehe...

Gravt Kills said...

is there any remote out there where i can switch her from bad girl to good girl and vice versa whenever i want either?

wat abt good guys and bad guys?

trueblue said...

Nice girls finish last....No?

kepala_angin said...

guy marries good girl, but always looking out for the bad girl. if not, can't be so many divorces/affairs.

the guy wins either way.

Cosmic_GurL said...

SM - Tulah I said let's be in between!

gravt kills - If there's a remote that can do tht I think the person who invented it wld be a billionaire by now...

trueblue - NO!! Thts the old saying..

kepala angin - exactly! sad huh?

Angel Eyes said...

I wannabe a BAD girl!


Mr Hobo said...

hehehe jom compare notes ... so which one are u .. bad or good girl?

Cosmic_GurL said...

angeleyes - awwwww....but why? ure okay the way u are :)

Hobo - Hehehe..I am a lil bit bad and a lil bit good..
no wait a minute, I am a good gurl but I know how to be bad *wink*

suzequatro said...

u naughty gurl!

Idham said...

some one said ..."good girl goes to heaven, bad girl goes every where.."

i like a funny, notty, horny, intelligent,confident, good girl ....full of life type!
let me know eh if you know one...


[Is]landa said...

i dunno wot movie u heard/saw that on.

all i know is that, its printed on my t shirt.

Cosmic_GurL said...

Sooz - LOL! I try to be :p

Blown Away - Hey! Thats all me! Hahahahaha...

Ylanda - Whre do u get all this kewl t-shirts ah?

pugly said...

I'd say I'm a mix of both ;-)

So where would that land me? Heaven or hell?