Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Friday Ya'all!

It's a Friday...a day to wind down...A day to go home early from work to be with your loved ones be it your pet/husband/bf/kids/parents...A day to just relax and make plans for the weekend. I always look forward to Fridays...
  • Kissing is healthy (but make sure you don't kiss strangers lah)
  • Bananas are good for period pain
  • It's good to cry (applies to men too)
  • Chicken soup actually makes you feel better
  • 94% of boys would love it if you sent them flowers
  • Lying is actually unhealthy (I suppose white lie is okay, u know the kind that goes smthing like, "Of course u don't look fat in that outfit, honey!")
  • Only apply mascara to your top lashes
  • It's actually true, boys DO insult u when they like you!
  • It's impossible to apply mascara with your mouth closed!
  • 89% of guys want YOU to make the 1st move
  • Chocolate will make you feel better!
  • Most boys think it's cute when you say the wrong thing.
  • A good friend never judges.
  • A good foundation will hide hickeys!
  • Boys aren't worth your tears; and
  • Most people, especially women love surprises!! (A good surprise I mean)


kristakish said...

i totally agree that it is quite impossible to put mascara with your mouth closed... heheh... and chocolate DOES make you feel better especially chocolate ice cream!!! yum!!!

Angel Eyes said...

chocs is good during menstrual.

ahaaa.. of course kissing is a healthy habit... hehe.. come kiss kiss!

taichee~@! said...

hey sherie!

Y didn't u put sex is also good for headaches, good skin and hair and produce healthier cells?

heheehe...not from me but from research i read somewhere.

taichee~@! said...

oh yeah..i've moved my blog to here


Freak & Geek said...

that's a good one, made my monday morn!

trueblue said...

actually i still don't get it why of u like someone, you have to insult them?

superdzu said...

thanks for all the info cosmic.


princesswaffzonkle said...

i dont like surprises! but i like to surprise ppl tho. boo!

suzequatro said...

dzu bebeh..who do u wana kiss? ada ayam terselit kat braces tuh! ekekekeke

Cosmic_GurL said...

kristakish - U tried putting the mascara with yr mouth closed after reading my posting huh? :p

angeleyes - must make sure i stacked loads of kitkat then. I have terrible period pain every month!

taichee - LOL! Really? I wouldnt know. U know being a virgin tht I am! Hahahahahaahahaha!

FnG - Awww..thanks darlin'!

trueblue - Who can understand boys?

superdzu - Ure welcome. So have u dont any of the things on the list?

waffzonkle - In tht case, pls surprise me with a new Ipod nano. I so want it. Pleaseeeeeeee!!!

suzequantro - Dzu, u plan to kiss anyone I know? *wink*

Shopper Mom said...

"Only apply mascara to your top lashes"
why la huh? but i apply to both top & bottom. kasi nampak cam mata besar sket. hehe.. said...

i love kitkat too.

hey have a break,have a kitkat!:)

Gravt Kills said...

wheres my flowers?

UglyButAdorable said...

eerrgg...aarrgghh..trying in vain to apply mascara with mouth closed..

ehh..most men insult my aa..means they like me??