Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Whassup? Whassup?!!

I miss blogging. I wish I could write as often as I want but time seriously does not permit me to do so.

I’ve been promoted to a senior level about 2 weeks ago. I guess that is why life has been very hectic and work has been very challenging. I have to learn so many new things and I don’t think they’ll be a grace period for me to make mistakes and learn from it especially since I have to deal with so many policies right now be it regulatory or operational.

Despite work being challenging and all, I still have time to watch my favourite series like Heroes (so many dub-dab moments!!), Grey’s Anatomy 3 (I love this new season coz you-know-who and McDreamy are back together but huwaaaaaaaaaa…so many sad moments in each episode until I have to have tissue paper with me when I’m watching it) and Prison Break 2 (Wentworth is just so yummy, don’t u think so?). Everytime I walked pass The Gap in 1Utama I feel like going in and grabbing Wentworth’s poster hung against the wall and bring it home with me so I can do notty stuff to it. Hahaha…

Oh yeah, what’s up with these Americans la? Why is that Sanjaya dude still in the American Idol? That guy can’t even sing to save his life!!! So who is your favourite Idol? I like Jordin, Lakisha, Melinda (she should seriously get that "surprise look" off her face) and Blake. But I have a feeling Jordin and Blake are going to be in the finals.

Ouuhhh..have u guys been following Akademi Fantasia on AstroRia? That Dafi guy is quite cute and that Heliza chick is gorgeous!

I’ve been so out of touch with everybody and I miss all my blogger friends.

So what is new with you guys?


agus said...

We're good, myself at least. Relax sistah. We're all busy too. And looks like the same thing is happening on our TV sets, well, except for prison break and especially not AF.

Shopper Mom said...

hey, congrats on the promotion, girl!

ingatkan u jarang update sbb bz baru kahwin. heheh..

Pink-Fins said...

Hey, do you miss me too? Hiak hiak hiak... I dunno what's up with AF, they all can sing and dance but something is just not there... *shrug*

gravtkills said...

saya menyokong jordin yg suka membuat the heart sign

Inn said...

and well.. at least sanjaya's out. there's a fairness in this world afterall.

superdzu said...

hi sheri!
i miss my blogger friends too

trueblue said...

You've been away too long :(

P/S: Wenworth Miller is hottttttttt!!!!

UglyButAdorable said...

woww...congratulations...seems marriage life menambahkan rezeki yaa..bless you..

wwuuaaa...tu yg best tu dah kawin nak say sumthin notty pasal wenworth tu cam tak besalah jer kaann.....hehhh...heehhh

Freak & Geek said...

congrats on the promotion!

miss u much. kem salam kat cik abang. :-P

Fabmama said...

Rezeki kawin namanya tu. Hmm.. tak lama lagi dapat la rezeki anak pulak :p

cikPijah said...

bila u nak gi mkn kat vichuda lagi? i nak ikuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

AM said...

and there's McSteamy. heh.

I adore Jordin Sparks!

Frankensteina said...

Congratulations on the promotion :D

Cosmic_GurL said...

Agus - Good to hear ure doing good :) I will definitely try to blog more

shopper mom - work and "aktiviti2 lain" membuatkan saya sangat sibuk. hehehe..

pink-fins - Hehehe...darling, we "talk" everyday!

gravtkills - LOL! dasar gatal!

inn - Wooohoooo! Thank god! Rasa nak buat kenduri pulut kuning when i heard he was out!

superdzu - Glad i met u and Sooz at Adam's bday parteh. tapi tak sempat borak pun kan? :(

trueblue - I know i have! :(( uve got yr own blog now eh? Yeah, miller is hot hot hot!

uglybutadorable - thank you! hahaha...tulah, siap cakap depan my husb lagi how hot Miller is!

FnG - Thanks! Miss u too darling :)

fabmama - Hehehe..haiyoo, tak larat nak menjawab soalan cepumas itu i.e. "Dah ader apa2 ke?"

cikpijah - wei! sms la i..we can go bervichuda together-gether!

am - Oh yeah! I would love to be sandwiched in between McSteamy AND McDreamy! hahaha..tamak tak?

frankensteina - thank dear :)